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Accept / Check Status of Financial Aid

Your Financial Aid can be accessed through BlazerNET by clicking on the My Financial Aid section. In this section you can check the status of your aid to see if you have any outstanding requirements yet to be fulfilled as well as accept your aid.

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Account Analysis & Payment

Our staff will be more than happy to go over your account with you. When you come in to our office, we will go over your account with you to make sure you know what any particular charge or credit means.

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Account Hold Inquiries and Hold Removal

Depending on the hold on your account, you will be restricted from registration, transcript request, grade report generation, accounts receivable, enrollment verification, application creation, and compliance.

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Bucks for Books

With the Bucks for Books program, students who will have excess financial aid funds after other institutional charges are paid can charge up to $1,500 (or the available balance, whichever is less) in books at the UAB Bookstore. These charges will be placed on your student account and covered by your excess funds/credits.

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Financial Transcripts

You can obtain a printout of all charges posted to your student account from One Stop Student Services.

Resource Form

Students can complete a Resource Information form on the “My Financial Aid” tab of BlazerNET. Complete this form only if you will receive any assistance from outside sources, UAB Departmental Scholarships, UAB Educational Assistance, Alabama GI Dependent benefits, Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, Graduate Assistantship, or State Scholarships, etc. You are not required to submit the form if you will not receive additional assistance. To prevent continuous notifications when not receiving additional assistance, indicate “no other assistance” on the form.

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Master Promissory Note/Complete Entrance Counseling

You must sign a Master Promissory Note and complete Entrance Counseling before you can receive loan funds from Federal Student Aid including Parent loans and PLUS loans. These requirements can be found on the “My Financial Aid” tab of BlazerNET. Please log in to studentaid.gov to complete this requirement.

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Tuition & Fees

A detailed list of fees for the coming Academic year is available on the Cost & Aid site.

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Types of Aid

Many aid options are available for students to fund their college education, from UAB scholarships and external scholarships to federal loans and grants and even work-study.

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Feedback/Need Help?

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need assistance from One Stop Student Services? Contact us at onestop@uab.edu or (205) 934-4300.