As one of the first optometry schools to be integrated into an academic health center, the UAB School of Optometry offers courses within its Department of Optometry and Vision Science, in addition to courses in other UAB health science departments.

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The four-year curriculum begins with an emphasis on basic science and vision science and transitions to clinical content. Students are exposed to patients early and their patient care responsibilities increase as each term passes. In fact, the final year of the curriculum is devoted exclusively to clinical rotations on and off campus. Externships are an integral part of the final year of the curriculum and ensure each student is exposed to diverse clinical experiences prior to graduation.

Course subjects include optics, neuroscience, gross anatomy, eye movements, public health optometry, glaucoma, pediatric optometry, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, binocular vision and more. The UAB School of Optometry provides a vibrant, comprehensive and ever expanding curriculum reflective of the environment in which it is offered: a world class academic medical center.

In an effort to match the changing demands of the profession, the curriculum outlined below changes periodically.

Year 1

  • Fall

    Course Number Course Title Instructor Sem. Hrs
    OBHS 111 Fundamentals in Health Sciences I Hardy 5*
    OPT 111 Introduction to Optometry Nichols, K. 2
    OPT 112 Geometric and Clinical Optics Gordon 5
    OPVS 111 Basic Science and Clinical Optometry Laurent 1
    VS 111 Ocular Anatomy Kraft 4
    VS 112 Physiology of the Eye Srivastava/Gorbatyuk 4
    VS 113 Biochemistry of the Eye Gross/ Pittler 2
    OBHS 112 Fundamentals in Dentistry and Optometry Hardy 5
  • Spring

    Course Number Course Title Instructor Sem. Hrs
    OBHS 121 Systems 1: Neuroscience Parpura 4
    OBHS 122 Systems 2: Gross Anatomy Resuehr/Kadisha 2
    OBHS 123 Systems 3: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Smith 3
    OPT 121 Clinical Evaluation of the Visual System I Call 1
    OPT 122 Ocular Microbiology Pucker 1
    VS 121 Visual Optics Oechslin 5
    VS 122 Visual Psychophysics Loop 3
  • Summer

    Course Number Course Title Instructor Sem. Hrs
    CLN 131 Introductory Clinical Rotation Steele 1
    OBHS 131 Systems Renal Smith 2
    OPT 132 Clinical Evaluation of the Visual System II Call 3
    VS 131 Neurobiology of the Visual System Gawne 2
    VS 132 Eye Movements & Principles of Binocular Vision Busettini 3