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There are over 490+ Help Phones conveniently located throughout the UAB Campus. These phones are in building hallways, elevators, parking lots, parking decks, between buildings and in various remote areas. They are a direct link to the UAB Police & Public Safety Department and are monitored 24 hours a day.

To operate a Help Phone that is located in a metal box, just open the door and pick up on the handset. To operate the small yellow Help Phone boxes with the red button, just push the button once and wait for the dispatcher to answer. To operate the Help Phones located in elevators, just open the phone panel and lift the handset up and wait for the dispatcher to answer.

When using a Help Phone, please wait for someone to answer. This usually takes just seconds, but in rare cases may take up to a half a minute for the dispatcher to get to the line. We send Police Officers to unanswered activated phones, so if you need assistance, or just change your mind, please wait for the dispatcher to confirm that you are ok.

UAB Help Telephone Map  

The Help Phone map is available in PDF format. Download the free version of Adobe Reader to view this document.




(205) 934-4434