From renovations to new construction, these 9 spaces are transforming UAB’s campus

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Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, UAB continues to blaze its path forward — the university set an enrollment record for the fifth year in a row, topping out at 22,563 enrolled students, and reached a new milestone in retention rates for first-time, full-time students, with 86.4% returning this fall, a 3.3% increase from the past year.

But new faces aren’t the only changes coming to campus. UAB continues to implement its Campus Master Plan through new facilities and renovations to enhance instruction, research, technology and student life. Some are complete, some under construction and others are in planning stages. These include blooming green spaces and art installations, a new home for the Honors College, renovations to existing buildings, Residence Hall 2020, the Technology Innovation Center, a clubhouse for UAB Baseball and UAB Softball and the Science and Engineering Complex.

Keep an eye out for ongoing and soon-to-be completed construction projects across campus, and stay tuned to the eReporter for updates on grand openings and groundbreakings.

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McCallum Basic Health Sciences Building renovations

Located at the northwest corner of 20th Street South and University Boulevard, McCallum has undergone both internal and exterior renovations in recent months. Updates to research labs on the eighth and ninth floors were completed in March, and exterior renovations give the 37-year-old building a more modern look. A facelift for the facades on floors 2-7 is underway. LEXI COON / University Relations

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Education and Engineering Complex renovations

Formerly the Business and Engineering Complex, the newly renamed Education and Engineering Complex is the newest home for UAB’s School of Education. Education moved into the renovated space formerly occupied by the Collat School of Business just in time for the fall semester. ANDREA MABRY / University Relations

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Technology Innovation Center

In June 2019, the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees approved the final stage of planning for a new, $19.2 million technology facility to be built at 17th Street South and Ninth Avenue on the site of the Ninth Avenue Office Building. The 40,000-square-foot UAB Technology Innovation Center, expected to open in early 2021, will house the campus internet connectivity and technology infrastructure and also host co-location services to campus, offering power, bandwidth, cooling and physical security for servers used throughout the university. It will provide a state-of-the-art facility for the UAB’s data center and unique collaborative and individual work spaces for a number of UAB IT employees.

The new building, which replaces the Rust Computer Center, will host the fastest high-performance research computer in the state and the data highway that connects researchers throughout the University of Alabama System. It also will house an innovative and cost-efficient Tesla Powerpack battery system that increases system reliability and availability while reducing the carbon footprint and other innovative features to meet the technology needs of UAB students, faculty, researchers and clinicians.

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Green Hall

Know previously as Residence Hall 2020, the newly named Green Hall is expected to be completed later this fall. Located near the Campus Green on the south half of the block bordered by Ninth and 10th avenues South and 16th and 17th streets, allow for more than 730 students to join the 2,880 already living in UAB’s six other residence halls; the new structure will include dedicated study spaces, a storm shelter, multi-use office space and a dining venue with three food vendors and a 250-person seating capacity. The residence hall will be UAB’s third LEED-certified building and the first to earn a LEED Silver ranking. ANDREA MABRY / University Relations

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Baseball and softball clubhouse

The new UAB Athletics clubhouse project, awaiting Phase IV approval by the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees, will be located adjacent to both the baseball and softball fields and include locker rooms, a weight room, equipment area and office suites for both programs.

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Science and Engineering Complex

The new UAB Science and Engineering Complex, which will be home to the university’s basic sciences programs, will be built on the site of the Education Building on 14th Street South between University Boulevard and 10th Avenue South. It will feature collaboration rooms to foster a team-learning environment and research labs that allow for student shadowing and project-based research.

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The Townhouse Park

UAB’s newest green space, which opened in late spring, is home to foliage and several benches and tables for employees and students to relax and grab a bite, study or take a breather. The Lot 30 parking area adjacent to Townhouse Park also was repaved and striped.

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Honors Hall

Opened in August 2020, the state-of-the-art facility is one of the latest buildings at UAB with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — or LEED — certification. The two-story, 11,000-square-foot structure, the result of a $3.55 million renovation of the former Snoozy’s Bookstore, comprises two Honors classrooms, two group study rooms, a quiet study space, a student lounge and additional seating throughout the building, along with staff and faculty offices. The exterior grounds feature a landscaped courtyard with outdoor seating. Honors Hall joins the Spencer Honors House in providing dedicated space for students in the Honors College.

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Solar House mural

The newest project from UAB’s Bloom Studio is brightening campus — this time from the Solar House and Sustainable Neighborhood at the corner of 11th Avenue South and 17th Street. Designed and painted by Department of Art and Art History students Isadore “Izzy” Looney and Hannah Slatsky, during the spring Bloom Studio course taught by Assistant Professor of Drawing and Bookmaking Doug Baulos, the mural is on a shipping container that houses the neighborhood’s microgrid and features colorful animals and plant life. The Solar House itself soon will be finalized and ready for campus tours. STEVE WOOD / University Relations