August 31, 2023

CURB-2 Trial: We are currently recruiting adults who use cocaine and are interested in participating in a study to examine medications as a possible treatment for cocaine use disorder.

CURB-2 is an abbreviation we use to refer to this study because there was a similar study completed and published in 2016 called CURB, which stands for Cocaine Use Reduction with Buprenorphine. The results from that study showed that using injectable naltrexone and sublingual buprenorphine was beneficial to participants on high doses of the medication. This study will give injectable naltrexone and injectable buprenorphine to make sure medication doses are consistent to confirm potential benefits.

There are no approved treatments specifically for cocaine use disorder. We are looking for adults (18-65 years of age) who are using cocaine and who are interested in reducing or stopping their use. The purpose of our study is to test a combination of two medications for 2 months as a possible treatment for cocaine use disorder.

This study includes the use of a placebo, which looks like the medication we are testing but does not include any active medicine. Study medication and assessments will be provided to participants at no cost. Participants will receive compensation for their time and efforts.

Study information will be kept strictly confidential. Your privacy is important to us.

Call us for more information at 205-996-0211 or email us at