November 01, 2023

Are you currently pregnant?

If you are 14 to 39 years of age, less than 18 weeks pregnant, and planning to deliver at UAB, you may be eligible for our education-based study. This study focuses on learning about healthy behaviors and how to make positive changes that could lead to a healthier pregnancy for you and your baby. Four study visits are spread out over 13 weeks during pregnancy, and one brief post-delivery visit where study staff visit participants in the post-partum unit. Participation includes a one-on-one education session, answering several questionnaires, and collecting lab work, including blood, mouth swabs & self-collected urine samples, and vaginal swabs. Also, three times during the study, participants are given a packet to collect two swabs at home and mail them in. Participants are compensated $230 for completing all study visits and specimens. For more information, please call Leslie Black at 205-919-5945, email, or text 256-934-4991.