No stovetop? No problem! Campus Rec Kitchen to teach members to prepare simple, yet healthy meals

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smoothie streamAttend cooking classes in the new Campus Rec Kitchen, a multifunctional space designed to help students and other members learn to make basic, nutritional meals without the aid of a full kitchen.

Located in Room 190, the Campus Recreation Center’s Fitness and Wellness Suite, the Campus Rec Kitchen will employ small appliances such as blenders and slow cookers that easily can be purchased and used in dormitories or small apartments. Classes will range in cost from $5-$10, accommodate around 12 participants and include a small meal created from the food cooked during the course.

Campus Rec Kitchen Logo UAB

Upcoming Campus Rec Kitchen classes

  • Sept. 12, 5:30 p.m.: Super Smoothies

  • Nov. 15, 5:30 p.m.: Healthy Holidays

“We try to cook only things that are going to be realistic for students to be able to cook, which means there will be limited equipment and ingredients for most of the recipes,” said Payton Joyner, assistant director of fitness and wellness.

Limited ingredients don’t equate to limited nutrition, as proved by the upcoming schedule of Campus Rec Kitchen cooking classes. On Sept. 12, learn to blend smoothies with ingredients such as frozen fruit and Greek yogurt. On Nov. 15, staff will demonstrate how to make holiday favorites a bit healthier.

Campus Recreation is planning to partner with Campus Dining, the Department of Nutrition Sciences and the Blazer Kitchen for future classes, because helping students eat healthier is a cross-campus initiative everyone embraces.

“The Campus Rec Kitchen is yet another step UAB is taking to creating a healthier campus for all,” Joyner said.

Students and members can sign up for classes through Campus Recreation’s online registration portal by choosing the “Fitness” category, selecting the applicable course and adding to their cart, through the UAB Campus Recreation app, in-person at the center’s membership desk or by calling 205-996-5038.