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UAB/VA Joint Appointment Memorandum of Understanding (UAB/VA MOU)

In accordance with NIH policy, individuals who have joint UAB and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) appointments are required to disclose the nature and extent of their joint appointment when they are included as personnel on an application submitted by UAB to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).This also applies to a NIH Pass-Through grant (an incoming subaward under another institution’s prime NIH award). The UAB/VA MOU documents the arrangement between UAB and the VA for a UAB faculty member who holds a joint appointment.

By signing the MOU or submitting an application and the UAB Extramural Support Checklist the UAB faculty member is certifying that:

  1. there is no possibility of dual compensation for the same work; and
  2. there is no actual or apparent conflict of interest; and
  3. the PI serves under a joint appointment between UAB and the VA.

The VA MOU is a proposal type in IRAP. The original MOU and any amendment documents can be found in the Attachments folders of the relevant submissions.