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Recovery Rate



On-Campus Organized Research
On-Campus Instruction
On-Campus Other Sponsored Activities
On-Campus IPA
Off-Campus All Programs
UAB Colleges and Universities Rate Agreement
30.0% Clinical Trials must meet the criteria specified in the guidelines. Clinical Trials F&A
10.0% Continuing Professional Education must meet the criteria specified in the guideline. CPE Agreements Reviewed by OSP
​8.0% Training Awards Sponsored by Industry
(covers materials, travel, or conference fees associated with training, but not to be used for projects with salary and fringe.)​
Non-profit Organization Rate When the sponsor is a legally constituted federal, state, or local government entity or not-for-profit entity such as a foundation or health agency and has a published and uniformly applied policy regarding the payment of F&A costs, UAB will abide by that sponsor's policy. Written evidence of such an agency's F&A (aka. overhead, indirect) cost payment policy must accompany any proposal submitted to OSP bearing less than the full recovery rate in accordance with UAB Policy. UAB Indirect Reimbursement Policy
Note if the sponsor’s rate is not published and uniformly applied UAB expects to recover the full F&A per its Policy. See Cost Sharing for exceptional circumstances.
0.0% Unfunded (aka "non sponsor funded research" or "zero dollar") or activity or internally sponsored grants i.e. General Endowment Fund (GEF). Non Sponsor Funded Research Projects
48.5% Activities/services conducted in UAB facilities by UAB personnel that provide a service to an outside entity for which a contract (contract contains audit and/or “return of funds” clause) is required by the outside entity or a research related service activity (such as a core or center) in which no new scholarly knowledge, hypotheses, or understandings are generated. UAB personnel are not:
  • involved in decisions about the experimental design or scholarly interpretation of results; nor,
  • involved in generation or dissemination of scholarly knowledge (not listed on scholarly works such as publications, manuscripts, abstracts, or grants).