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  • Membership Eligibility

    Membership Eligibility

    UAB University Recreation is not open to the general public. Members must to be affiliated with UAB and eligible for University Recreation membership.

    Entry Policy

    Members must present a current UAB One Card, University Recreation issued Key Fob or UAB Campus Recreation Mobile App. Lost Key Fobs will be reissued for a fee of $5. Members will be required to have a photo on file before gaining access to the facility.

    Members who have forgotten their ID are be required to check-in with Member Services before being granted access to the facility.

    It is against the policy of both the University and University Recreation for an individual to utilize One Card, Key Fob, or a Mobile App scan code that is not their own. Participants found attempting to utilize other person’s One Card, Key Fob, or the Mobile App scan code will be suspended until they have met with the Assistant Director of Facility Operations and the person’s One Card will be confiscated.

  • Minor Policy & Regulation

    Minor Definition

    As defined by the Department of University Recreation, for the purpose of accessing the Campus Recreation Center, a minor is anyone 18 years of age or younger where a guardian and minor relationship exists. The maximum age for this relationship to exist for University Recreation membership purposes is 18 years of age, per Alabama State Law. Everyone is allowed in during all hours of operation.

    Levels of Access

    • 0 – 4 years of age: No membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center (except the Fitness studios and Fitness Center) with direct parent/guardian supervision.*
    • 5 – 15 years of age: Membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center (except the Fitness studios and Fitness Center) with direct parent/guardian supervision.
    • 16 – 18 years of age: Membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center with indirect parent/guardian supervision.**

    * Direct Supervision is defined as being in the same room no further than 20 feet apart.

    Parent/guardian MUST be actively participating in the same activity as the minor i.e. playing basketball together, playing racquetball together, swimming together, etc. This does not mean that the parent can be, for example, in a group exercise class while the minor sits along the wall and watches.

    ** Indirect supervision is defined as parent/legal guardian must be in the facility at the same time as the minor; however, both are not required to be in the same area.

    All minors must enter and exit the Campus Recreation Center with their parent/guardian.

    Minor Membership to Household Membership transition

    Minor Members with the Minor 12-month memberships paid via monthly deductions (both Credit Card or Payroll), who turn 19 years of age will automatically transition to the Household 12-month memberships during the month they turn 19 years of age; the membership status and membership dues will adjust accordingly.

    Additional Policies

    • Minors will not be permitted to have a permanent locker.
    • Strollers are not allowed on walking track.
    • Family-changing rooms are provided on the first floor. Mixed genders are not permitted in other restrooms/locker rooms.
    • Swim diapers are required for unpotty-trained children in the pool.
    • Children must fit into a UAB-approved or provided harness in order to use the rock-climbing wall.
  • Membership Payments

    Membership Payment

    • Full Payment:
      One-time payment of fees, by cash, check, credit/debit card. Membership will expire exactly on the same day at the end of the membership term. (i.e. 12 month membership purchased on October 4, 2019 will have expiration date on October 4, 2020).
    • Credit/Debit Card Drafting:
      Membership dues for the first month must be paid at the time of joining, by cash, check, and credit/debit card. Membership fees are not prorated. Fees will be automatically drafted between the 2nd and the 5th monthly from the member's VISA, MC, AMEX or Discover starting for the second month's membership fee (pays for the month of). This draft will recur until ended by the member submitting a cancellation form to Member Services.
  • Length of Membership Agreement

    Length of membership agreement

    Membership Paid in Full:

    All membership paid in full is set to expire exactly on the same day at the end of the membership term.


    • 1 Month membership purchased on September 5th will expire on October 5 of the same year.
    • 12 Month membership purchased on September 5th will expire on September 5 of the following year.
  • Membership Freeze

    Members who wish to freeze their membership may submit the Membership Freeze Form to the Member Services desk. Members can freeze their membership as many times as needed, but they must freeze for a minimum of 1 month or a maximum of 6 months. Members cannot freeze their memberships for more than 6 months.

  • Towel Service

    Shower and face towels are available to all members, free of charge at the Welcome Desk. Members may borrow no more than two towels at a time and must return them after use. Towel return bins are located in the following locations:

    • Men’s Locker Room
    • Women’s Locker Room
    • Welcome Desk Towel Drop

    Towels found on equipment Gym Valets and in fitness studios are for equipment cleaning only. It is not recommended or permitted that members use these towels for personal use.

  • Membership Suspsension

    University Recreation Staff reserve the right to suspend the use of facilities or involvement in programs of participants that refuse to follow policy, deem a threat to themselves or others, and treat staff in a disrespectful manner. Penalty severity and length of the suspension will be determined on a case by case basis.

    University Recreation student staff also reserves the right to refuse entry or discontinued use of the facility or involvement of programs if the member has become unruly or refuses to follow policy.

  • Cancelling a Membership

    Membership Cancellation

    The Cancellation Form will need to be completed and submitted to Member Services online or in-person at our Membership Desk. Request processing will begin once all fees/balances have been paid and completed form has been received. Please keep in mind that memberships are NOT prorated.