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  • Starting May 1, 2020 each month will bring a new and exciting group of four new rewards!

    May’s UAB UREC rewards include:

    • 50% off a Guest Pass for 150 points
    • FREE Adventure Recreation Equipment Rental (up to a $20 value) - 300 points
    • FREE Half Locker for 3 Months for 600 points
    • 25% off 30-minute massage for 1000 points

    You also have an earning opportunity! If you tweet us @uaburec on Twitter about your wellness journey during the month of May, you will earn double the original points per tweet!

    Thank you to all that participated in our Member Rewards Survey this past January, your feedback meant a lot to us and made this exciting change possible!

    UAB UREC Rewards - Member Reward Program

    University Recreation has collaborated with Perkville to provide you with a new and improved member rewards program. It is a fun and easy way to earn points for checking into the UAB Campus Recreation Center, referring friends, following us on social media, and more!

    Beginning May 1, 2019, in order to keep earning points or to redeem points for perks, you will have to be fully enrolled into our Member Rewards Program and out of the "pending" status. In order to enroll or check your status please visit uab.perkville.com.

    Start earning today – Join Rewards Program now!

    How does it work?

    The Member Rewards Program integrates directly with the UAB University Recreation system so each time you swipe into the facility, refer a friend, or share your love for University Recreation on social media, you’ll automatically earn points. Once you earn enough points, you can easily redeem those points for discounts, specialized programming, and much more. You will be able to redeem your points on Perkville via a mobile device or by bringing a printed voucher to use as payment at Member Services.


    How do I get started?

    When you first enter and check into the facility, you will automatically receive an opt-in email from our Member Rewards Program after coming into the UAB Campus University Center for the first time. Sign up and start earning points right away! Create an account at Perkville. Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at UAB Campus Recreation! If you are unsure what email we have on file for you, please contact Member Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 205-996-5038.

    How can I earn points?

    Here are a few examples:

    • Get 50 points just for signing up!
    • Refer a Friend (see instructions below)
    • Rave about us on Facebook or Twitter (see instruction below)
    • UAB Campus Recreation Center Check-In

    What can I earn with my points?

    Here are a few examples:

    • Discounted Guest Passes
    • ProShop/PowerZone discounts
    • Discounted half locker
    • Discounted 30-Minute Massage
    • Credit towards Equipment Rental in Outdoor Pursuits
    • Free Nutrition Counseling

    How do I redeem my perks?

    Log into your UAB UREC Rewards account to see your points – when you earn enough points for one of the perks listed above, the option to redeem that perk will appear on your account. You will choose your perk, print out the voucher, and bring it into the Member Services at the UAB Campus Recreation Center.

    How do I earn points for referring a friend?

    Do you have a colleague at UAB or at one of our Colleague organizations who is looking for a place to improve their fitness or wellness? Bring them to UAB Campus Recreation Center.

    Remember all UAB and Colleague employees qualify for 7-Day Free trial. If your colleague decides to join after the trial period and indicates your name on their Membership Form, you will receive additional 350 points after their initial payment. The newly joined member must indicate your name and your Blazer ID on the Membership Agreement in section A at the time of their sign up process.

    Only UAB and Colleague employees eligible to receive Referral Points. Both parties must be UAB employees, where the individuals signing up have signed up for a 12-month contract.

    How do I earn points for posting on Twitter?

    After you sign up into your Member Rewards account, you will be prompted to earn additional points by posting about your experience to Twitter. When you receive your first prompt, follow the instruction to connect your Member Rewards account to your Twitter account and post away!

    In order to receive extra Perkville points for tweeting, you must tag @UABUREC and tell us briefly what or how your workout/activities within the Recreation Center went!

    For example: "Working out at @UABUREC with my friends today!" or "Love playing ping pong at @UABUREC" or even "getting my swim on @UABUREC"

    Any tweets that are posted that are deemed inappropriate or insufficient will have the Perkville points reversed."

    Member Rewards Policies

    • In order to redeem your Member Rewards Program points, you must be completely enrolled into the Member Rewards Program. For example: You can not have a status of "Pending" while you are trying to redeem your points for a perk. Once you are enrolled, you are eligible to start redeeming your points for our awesome rewards!
    • You must be an ACTIVE member in order to use your Member Rewards Program points! For example: If you have previously been a member at UAB University Recreation, have accumulated some Member Rewards Program points and then you cancel or your membership expires. If you come back to re-sign up for your membership you cannot use your Member Rewards Program points to pay for your first month because you are inactive until that first month is paid for. You can however, use Member Rewards Program points that you previously accumulated to pay for your second month because you would then be considered an active member at the time of using the
    • If you are bringing a guest for the day and sponsoring someone into the facility, you are able to redeem Member Rewards Program points under your name as the sponsor to allow that individual in. It cannot be the guests Member Rewards Program points that they may have accumulated as a previous member because they are not an active member if they have to be sponsored in by you.
    • Member Reward points are not transferable and non-refundable from member to member, so you are unable to use a different member's reward points to use towards your account or vice versa.

    Are you ready to get rewards?


    If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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