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  • Member Rewards

    Spring back to it, with our Spring Member Rewards

    Spring 2024

    URec Rewards can earn and redeem points towards some amazing perks!

    • Free Guest Pass – 200 points
    • Free Individual Intramural Registration - 300 points
    • 25% off Half Locker – 400 points
    • 50% off Entire Pro-Shop Purchase - 600 points

    There are multiple ways to earn URec Rewards points! You can earn your URec Rewards points for:

    • Facility Check In = 3 points
    • Birthday Check In = 50 points
    • Every $10 spent = 3 points
    • Referring your UAB or Colleague Employee = 350 points!

    Visit uab.perkville.com to see how many points you have!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or call the Membership Services Desk at 205-934-8224.


  • March Madness Check In Challenge

    Join our March Madness Check-In Challenge!

    March 2021 Rewards

    Check in 20 days out of the 31 days in March and receive a bonus of 100 Perkville points! To join in on the challenge you must be an active Member Rewards member. All individuals who join in on the challenge, but are unable to complete the 20 check-in's, will still receive participation points.

    Click here to activate the Check-In Challenge: https://uab.perkville.com/challenges/