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Welcome to UAB URec's premier personal training program. This is where your fitness goals become a reality.

Our team of nationally certified personal trainers will coach and guide you on your health and fitness journey so you can tone up, get stronger, and have more confidence in the gym.

They'll work with you to develop and health and fitness program, so you get the exact results you want.You'll receive accountability, personalized coaching, and all the support you need.

Personal training is for you, regardless of your goals. Lose weight, tone up, and get stronger so you can live life how you want too.

When you’re ready to sign up for personal training all you have to do is fill out the new client form by clicking here.

Email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll reply within 48 hours for next steps on getting you set up with a personal trainer.

For specific questions about personal training email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Personal Training Programs

  • Gym Foundations

    LiftWise is phase 1 of Gym Foundations. LiftPro is phase 2 and builds on what you learn in phase 1. After completion of phase 1 and phase 2 you may continue training with a personal trainer in our semi-private or our 1:1 program.


    LiftWise is our beginner, get to know the gym program. This is a 4-session predesigned program that you'll go through with one of our personal trainers. You will get introduced to the fitness gym and equipment. Learn how to do foundational exercise movements and resistance training. We will show you how and coach you along so you feel less intimidation and more confidence in the gym setting.


    LiftPro is the next progression from LiftWise. This is a beginner to intermediate exerciser program. In this 8-session program you'll learn more advanced ways of using our fitness equipment. You'll expand on your exercise and movement knowledge and experience different workout and program types. You'll get all the coaching, accountability, and instruction you need from your trainer.

    Gym Foundations Rates Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
    LiftWise $120 $200 $260
    LiftPro $240 $400 $520

  • Semi-Private Personal Training
    Semi-Private personal training is up to 4 training clients working out with 1 personal trainer simultaneously. This service is tailored for students and members with goals centered around general fitness. It also works for clients with similar goals outside of general fitness. Clients are not required to bring their own group; instead, we will assign clients based on your availability and goals.
    Semi Private Training Rates Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
    4 Sessions $159 $217 $277
    8 Sessions $307 $417 $537
    12 Sessions $437 $599 $779
  • One-on-One Personal Training (1:1)
    One-on-one personal (1:1) training is one personal trainer to one training client. This service offers the highest level of individualized fitness training and coaching. Your workout program is customized to your individual needs so you can reach your goals faster.
    1 on 1 Personal Training Rates Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
    4 Sessions $237 $259 $289
    8 Sessions $457 $507 $557
    12 Sessions $659 $729 $809

  • Rescheduling & Cancellation
    • Personal training sessions are sold in one hour sessions only. Cancellations and rescheduling of training sessions must be made directly with the client’s trainer and at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.
    • Failure to cancel, reschedule, or notify the personal trainer 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment is the same as training the session. The session will be counted as if trained.
    • Personal Training sessions will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Disability Accommodations

    Disability Accommodations

    For disability accommodation requests, please complete the form below.

    Programming Disability Accommodation Request

Fitness Tests

  • Fitness Assessment

    A series of tests that measures and monitors physical fitness level. We assess five components of physical fitness that make up total fitness:

    • Cardiovascular endurance using a 3 minute step test
    • Muscular endurance using the pushup test
    • Muscular strength using the bench press test .
    • Flexibility using the sit and reach test
    • Body Composition/Circumference measurements using skin fold calipers and tape measure

    Certified personal trainers administer the fitness assessment. They can answer all your questions about your results and what to do next.

    To schedule your Fitness Assessment please complete the Health History Questionnaire as well as the Fitness Assessment Form (links below) prior to the appointment and email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    to schedule!.

    Health History Questionnaire 

    Fitness Assessment 

    Details and Policies
    • Fitness Assessments are required by anyone participating in personal training.
    • Appointments will take about 45-60 minutes and will be held in the Wellness Suite located on the 1st Floor with a certified Personal Trainer.
    • Proof of purchase is required by showing of receipt.
    • Clients are requested to wear comfortable athletic clothing, shorts and T-shirt.
    • The completed Health History Questionnaire is required prior to beginning the Fitness Assessment.
    • Cancellations and rescheduling of Fitness Assessment must made 24 hours in advance to the scheduled appointment time. Failure to cancel or reschedule will result in the loss of your appointment.
    • Refunds are not available.

    Fitness Assessment Rates Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
    $20 $30 $40

  • Body Composition Assessment

    Knowing your body composition is a key step in knowing if your program is getting you the results you want. You'll be able to determine the effectiveness of your exercise and nutrition plans. Regular body composition assessments enable you to track your progress. It's good to measure body composition a few times a year but you can get measured every 12-16 weeks for more insight. You'll be able to make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and get extra support when you need it.

    Email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule!.

    Boody Composition Rates Student Rate Member Rate Non-Member Rate
    $12 $12 $12

Meet The Trainers

  • Auguste Rebarchik
    Auguste Rebarchik

    Auguste Rebarchik

    I'll help you get passionate about fitness so you can lose fat, gain muscle, and prevent disease.

    I'm enthusiastic about fitness and using exercise as a tool to treat and manage diseases. My personal experience of managing my type 1 diabetes has given me a powerful view of what it takes.

    I have a holistic approach to fitness and improving health and disease. I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    Together we'll conquer the obstacles you face. We'll focus on your wellness through the benefits of exercise so you can transform your life.

    Availability: Tuesday & Thursday, after 4 pm

  • Cedric Edoh
    Cedric Edoh

    Cedric Edoh

    I'll help you tone up and get stronger so you can experience the rewards of exercise

    For me, there's nothing like getting under the bar. I find enjoyment in using my whole body to move heavy loads. It satisfies me in a way that I'd like to share with you.

    You'll see the benefits of lifting weights in changes in strength and tone in your body. It shows up quick once you get consistent.

    I started weight training to stay active after being a multi-sport athlete. I fell in love with the results, and I'd love to show you how.

    Availability: Monday -Thursday, 8 am - 1 pm

  • Naomi Henry
    Naomi Henry

    Naomi Henry

    I help women get comfortable in the gym and become more confident so they can reach their fitness goals without intimidation.

    My fitness journey began in 2020, since then I've lost weight and made fitness a lifestyle. I enjoy coaching 1:1 so we can connect and dive deep to eliminate what's holding you back.

    Fitness is a lifestyle. The best results come from making small adjustments and getting consistent. I'll keep you accountable and coach you into becoming more confident as a woman in the gym.

    We'll increase your heart rate, improve your coordination, build strength, and have fun. I can't wait to join you on your fitness journey.

    Availability: Monday - Thursday: 3 pm - 6 pm / Friday: 1 pm - 4 pm

  • Skip Mathews
    Skip Mathews

    Skip Mathews

    Bio Coming Soon:

  • Zorica Janjetovic
    Zorica Janjetovic

    Zorica Janjetovic

    I'll help you get familiar with exercise and develop good habits so you can live a healthy and happy life.

    Disease prevention and cure is at the forefront of my career. As a personal trainer, I enrich the lives of others with health promotion strategies. My clients create lifestyle changes so they're comfortable with exercise and improve health.

    I enjoy group exercise, such as F45, FitBarre, Kickboxing. I also teach classes as a UAB group fitness instructor.

    Please request for current availability.