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The below design examples illustrate various ways to incorporate UAB branding on your promotional and apparel items. Ready to find a vendor and place an order? Review the ordering and approval process.

Small Imprint Spaces

For small imprint spaces where a full UAB logo will not fit, you may omit the UAB logo altogether and instead use a UAB font to write the university name in text. Example: “University of Alabama at Birmingham®” Note the registered mark ® is still needed when presenting the university name in text. When presented graphically, the words “Alabama” and “Birmingham” must be on the same line and carry equal graphic weight.

Pen 1
Pen 2

Program/Department Branding

Under current UAB brand standards, we no longer create or use department / program logos. Instead, use either the core logo or your appropriate school / college / unit logo. You may add your program or department name in text below the logo as long as adequate white space is observed and a UAB font is used.

Pen 3
Coffee Cup
Imprint Here

Writing the University Name in Text

UAB’s trademarks include some verbiage including “University of Alabama at Birmingham®,” “University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazers®,” “UAB®,” “UAB Blazers®,” “UAB Blazer™,” “Blazers™,” and “Blazer™.” Be sure to use the appropriate ® or ™ mark when printing this verbiage on promotional materials. When presented graphically, the words “Alabama” and “Birmingham” must be on the same line and carry equal graphic weight.

Whenever imprint space allows, a full logo, or full university name, is preferred (vs. “UAB®” alone).

Water Bottle

It is permissible to print unofficial graphics on promotional items as long as an official UAB logo – or the full university name written in text - is present.

Cell Phone Wallet
Chef Hat

Co-Branding Internal Units

When multiple internal university units are sponsoring or presenting an initiative, use the core logo once, then write out unit names below in text separated by pipettes. UAB font should be used. This guideline is put in place to protect and elevate the brand of the university. It also provides an attractive and concise space to recognize all contributing units. The brand recognition stays consistent with the core logo while avoiding a muddled design. When promoting sponsors we understand that unit contributions are not always equal but we must consider how the design represents the brand of the entire institution.


Embroidery Shortcut

Because the university name portion of the logo often does not embroider legibly, we allow a shortcut. When ordering small quantities of embroidered apparel, you may omit the university name from your logo.

jacket Correct
embroidery Incorrect

Feedback/Need Help?

Can't find what you need? Do you have suggestions for items to add to our brand and communications toolkit? Email marketing@uab.edu, and we'll connect you with the right Marketing & Communications team member.

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