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M.S. in Computer Science (MSCS) Prerequisites

The following computer science and mathematics courses should be taken before applying to the MSCS program.

Computer Science Requirements

The reflection of a student can be seen on a computer screen full of code. The following UAB computer science courses, or their equivalents, are required of all applicants before they can apply to our graduate program:

  • CS 103: Introduction to Computation
  • CS 203: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 250: Discrete Structures
  • CS 303: Algorithms and Data Structures

The following courses are also required but can be taken after the student is admitted, up to three of which may be taken at the 500-level and counted toward the MSCS program:

  • CS 401/501: Programming Languages
  • CS 420/520: Software Engineering
  • CS 332/532: Systems Programming OR, CS 433/533: Operating Systems

Mathematics Requirements

Mathematics background equivalent to two terms of calculus (differential and integral calculus) is required. Linear algebra, statistics, differential equations, and advanced calculus are highly recommended.SaveSaveSaveSave