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PowerTrials is a module of Cerner IMPACT PowerChart, that provides dual functionality for individuals involved with the research process: indication of patient’s participation in a research study in the banner bar that is connected to a research summary and a research-specific PowerPlan that contains study-required lab, radiology, echocardiography, ECGs, dexa scans, mammograms, ultrasound, and research prescriptions with automated billing to either the patient’s insurance or the study.

While any clinical trial may use PowerTrials PowerPlans, trials with the following characteristics must use PowerPlans:

  • More than 3 health system billable orders
  • More than 3 participants expected to be accrued
  • More than 3 visits expected

The PowerTrials PowerPlan Administrators will collaborate with the research team to meet their PowerPlan needs. Click on the Service Level Expectations link below for additional information.

The banner bar provides an extra level of patient safety at the point of care to indicate to health care professionals campus-wide that the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial. The banner bar also prompts an IMPACT PowerChart Message Center notification to the Principal Investigator and Primary Study Coordinator when an enrolled research patient is admitted to the ER or an inpatient location. Research-specific PowerPlans eliminate having to enter each individual order for each protocol required visit and automates billing, thus streamlining the process for the Research Nurse Coordinator and preventing charges that should be billed to the sponsor from firing to the research patient’s insurance.

Starting 12/14/2023, PowerTrials will be launching a new process improvement: 

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