The CCTS is a proud partner in the NIH All of Us Research Program, which aims to engage one million participants to share data that can fuel new insights into human health. As an All of Us partner, we’re working with NIH to build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Recently, All of Us opened the Researcher Workbench beta version and is inviting researchers who meet certain criteria to apply for access and explore the initial dataset and tools. The Researcher Workbench is a secure, cloud-based platform that offers researchers an opportunity to execute rapid, hypothesis-driven research and build new methods for the future.

The Researcher Workbench data currently includes:

Survey data for 224,000+ participants (including lifestyle, access to care, medical history, and more)

Physical measurements for 188,000+ participants (including blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, and more)

EHR data for 127,000+ participants (including demographics, visits, diagnoses, and medications data, harmonized according to our common data model)

And this is just the beginning. More data (such as information from wearables, COVID-19 data, and genomic data) will be added over time, and NIH will continue evolving the platform using input from early users (like you!). Before you begin taking the steps to receive your passport to the All of Us data, review the thorough FAQs to explore your questions about the All of Us cohort, or check out the slide deck from the recent training seminar.

How to Gain Access

1.  See if your institution has signed a data use agreement. Check out the list here, and if you don’t see your institution listed fill out this form.
2.  Register as a researcher. Once the Data Use and Registration agreement is in place, apply for access by setting up your account here.
3.  Connect your new account to your eRACommons.
4.  Complete the All of Us responsible conduct of research training and sign the data user code of conduct.

Training Materials:
Slide Deck

Visit to learn more.