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The University of South Alabama (USA) provides students with an exceptional medical education through the colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Professions.

The USA Health System, comprised of the USA Medical Center (USAMC), USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital (USACW) and the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute provides excellent patient care to Mobile’s Medically-Underserved Community and the greater Gulf Coast region.

USAMC is a Level – 1 trauma center specializing in the treatment of burn, stroke, pulmonary and cardiovascular injuries; USAMC averages 28,992 Emergency Room encounters and 6,123 hospital discharges per year. USACW provides neonatal and pediatric intensive care services, high-risk obstetrics services as well as routine pediatrics and OB/GYN services, and pediatric oncology services. It is the only designated children’s hospital in South Alabama. On July 1, 2016, the USA welcomed Dr. John V. Marymont as the Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine. Dr. Marymont serves as the chief academic and administrative officer of the College of Medicine. Dr. Marymont is committed to guiding the USA through future changes and challenges in healthcare and will collaboratively seek innovative solutions and build upon the existing excellent programs.

USA’s Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration is among Forbes top 20 research schools, out of about 4000 nationwide, for its rate of return on licensed developments.

CCTS Partnership

USA brings expertise in clinical trials, translational and community – based participatory research to the CCTS partnership. The USA Translational Research Service Center participates in the CCTS Executive Council, pilots and panels, Informatics and Biostatistics Collaborators and Tissue Hub, USA represents the CCTS on the Collaboration/Engagement Domain Task Force, the joint Collaboration/Engagement-Workforce Development subgroup, and the Collaboration/Engagement-Metrics subgroup. As part of the CCTS Training Academy, they participate in the TL1 and KL2 training programs, panels, K writing club, research team training, TIERS, workshops and offer mini-sabbaticals.


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