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You may have all of your disaster supplies gathered up and all in one place. You may have practiced using some of the supplies in your kit so you'll know how to use them when the time comes. But, did you know that not having a plan that everyone in your family has practiced could lead to a much more significant personal disaster than it has to be?

Disasters happen then things are hectic and chaos ensues. Having and practicing a plan will allow you and your loved ones to think instinctively in an emergency. You want to have a plan that everyone knows and, when the time comes, can act without thinking much about it. As the Nike slogan says “Just Do It!”.

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Part 1 of 3

We have all seen images of stranded motorists and individuals wandering the streets when a disaster strikes but did you know that with a little bit of preparation you don’t have to be one of the ones unsure of their survival?

The Department of Occupational Health and Safety Emergency Management has prepared lists of everyday items necessary for one’s survival. These items can be easily purchased in most any general store and some you may already have. The items need to be placed in a container that is dedicated to disaster survival.
UAB is prohibiting the use, storage and charging of all hands-free, self-balancing scooters, also referred to as hoverboards, because of safety concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the potential for fall-related injuries. This notice, effective immediately, will be subject to modification after campus officials review and discuss the findings and recommendations of the CPSC investigation.

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