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The UAB Emergency Management Team uses the B-ALERT notification system to communicate through social media, voice calls, SMS text messages and emails to the campus during an emergency or severe weather situation.

Ensure your information is current at and include a non-UAB email address in case the mail system is affected by an emergency.

For more information: UAB B-Alert Information
nws weather safety winter 250x249image by the National Weather Service
Now is the time to prepare for the hazards of winter weather before bitter cold and snowy/icy travel conditions sweep through. 

The NWS's Winter Safety website is a great resource for winter safety information. 

The Birmingham NWS Winter Weather Awareness site has additional information.
Management of compressed gas cylinders is very dangerous because of the unusual characteristics some of them posses: storage under pressure, flammability, and many lack a distinguishable odor or color. Depending on the particular gas, there is a potential for simultaneous exposure to both physical and chemical hazards.

Improper handling, storage and use could lead to catastrophic events like:
  • Oxygen depleted atmosphere
  • Fires
  • Adverse health effects or even death