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macmillan learningWhat is Macmillan Learning?

Macmillan Learning is a high-quality publisher of textbooks and learning resources for university level students. Macmillan Learning develops relevant and impactful course content that serves the needs of educators and supports the success of today’s students.

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Macmillan Learning offers deep content integration between its LaunchPad products and Canvas. This robust integration creates direct links from a Canvas course into the Macmillan LaunchPad environment. Faculty can add Macmillan to their Canvas course by adding the link to course navigation. Once installed, instructors will have the option to add links to Macmillan content from various points in their Canvas course.


Before you can use Macmillan Launchpad, you will first need to connect your Canvas account with the Macmillan LaunchPad application. For detailed instructions, see the Student guides listed below.

  • How do I get access to LaunchPad?
    1. Create an account with Macmillan Learning.
    2. On the LaunchPad Homepage of the Macmillan catalog, click Instructors – Find Your Course.
    3. Search for your title by entering your author’s last name or your products title.
    4. Click “Go to product”.
    5. At the bottom of the screen, enter your email address and click Get Access.
  • How do I activate my course so students can enroll in it?
    1. Before you activate a course, you must create it and make all customizations necessary for the semester.
    2. You can activate your course from the dashboard or within the course.
      • You can activate from your dashboard by clicking Activate beneath your course title.
      • To activate from within the course, click the Activate this Course button that appears in the yellow banner toward the top of your LaunchPad home page.
  • How do I find my course ID or course URL?

    Every course that you create has a unique course ID. This holds true whether you create a course from scratch, copy a course from another course, or branch a course from a master. When you direct your students to enroll in your course, you should give them the entire course URL, which contains the ID as a string of numbers at the end. Doing so will ensure your students enroll in their correct course so that you can track their work.

    1. Go to your instructor dashboard.
    2. Select Switch/Create Courses from the top right under your name.
    3. Locate the course name under My Courses.
    4. The URL is located directly under the course title and the ID is located under the URL.

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