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GoReact is a tool for teaching performance-based skills online. It is a cloud-based video tool that integrates a variety of feedback options and grading of student video assignments. This tool lends itself to communication and public speaking, interpretation, clinical training, evaluations, performance arts, etc. 

GoReact LTI 1.1 Update:

GoReact Assignments created prior to May 2024 need their External Tool URL edited to launch correctly. This was necessary due to the depreciation of the previous API endpoint by GoReact. Please follow the steps provided in the GoReact LTI 1.1 Assignment Update guide to do so.


  • Record directly to the assignment, no file upload necessary
  • Synchronize presentation slides with webcam video
  • Comments are time coded and editable
  • Self, peer, and instructor critique
  • View stimulus, recording and feedback in a single screen
  • Grade is passed back into Canvas gradebook
  • Create, store, and share rubrics and marker set
  • Track skills, standards, and more with timestamped markers
  • Allows multiple cameras for online group video projects
  • Activities can be timed and limited to amounts of attempts


All instructors have access to use GoReact inside of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Instructors will create a GoReact assignment by choosing GoReact as the external tool with a Canvas assignment. See how Instructors can set up a GoReact assignment.


Students have access to GoReact when an instructor chooses to use it through a Canvas assignment. See the guides below.


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Users who still need help after reviewing the resources on this page or contacting GoReact technical support can request support from UAB eLearning using the link below.

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