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Packback is an AI-supported online discussion platform that enables curiosity-based student discussion. Learn more about Packback on their overview webpage.


  • Algorithmic Moderation
  • Instant Quality Rating
  • Real Time Coaching
  • Post Recommendations
  • Custom Feedback
  • "Smart" Feed Sorting
  • Counter and Supporting Points
  • Professor Tools


  • How pricing on Packback works: The Packback Questions discussion platform is priced on a per-community basis. Communities on Packback are created for each class that is using Packback Questions. This fee is often paid by the student when registering for their discussion community; however, departments and universities may choose to pre-pay for their students.
  • The Curiosity Credits Program: Each time a student purchases a Packback community, they earn $3 of Curiosity Credits. The credits are applied toward future community purchases, up to a maximum of $15 off. The students’ Curiosity Credits do not get spent. They are an earned discount that applies at checkout on all of their future communities!

Learn more about Packback pricing.


All instructors have access to use Packback inside of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Instructors can add Packback Questions to their Canvas course navigation and access it from this link. See how to enable Packback in your course.


Students have access to Packback when an instructors chooses to use it in their course. Access Packback by clicking Packback Questions in your Canvas course navigation.

Q: What can I use tell students about Packback?

Q: How can I adjust email notifications?

Q: Why is my post missing from the community?

Strategy Consultant Nick Petrella (nick.petrella@packback.co) brings on new professors, helps them create their communities, develops a plan for Packback in their course (grade allocation, weekly expectations).

Experience Manager Christa Hein (christa.hein@packback.co) is UAB’s Packback point-person/online TA. Works with professors throughout the term, sets up check-in calls, helps with grading, logistics, professor questions.

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