""ProctorU is an online proctoring service available and accessible through Canvas.


  • 24/7 Live Scheduling Platform
  • Multi-Factor Identity Verification
  • Guided Live Exam Launch Process
  • Environment Security Scans
  • Live Monitoring and Intervention
  • End-to-end Recordings
  • Incident Reporting with 24 hours
  • Time-stamped Video Events

Section Proctoring:

Q Section Proctoring: UAB eLearning covers proctoring fees for up to two exams (up to 2.5 hours each) per student per Q section course. If additional exams are needed, students will be charged $13.95 per exam regardless of duration for any Q section course.

Non-Q Section Proctoring: UAB provides a virtual testing option for non-Q section courses through ProctorU. Students will be charged $13.95 per exam regardless of duration for any non-Q section course.

Students are responsible for premium fees associated with late scheduling and/or missed exams. Instructor permission is required prior to rescheduling outside of the original exam window.

  • Appointments scheduled within 72 hours (Take it Soon) — $8.00
  • Appointments scheduled within 24 hours (Take it Now) — $12.00

How to Access ProctorU

Faculty and students can create their ProctorU account by using their UAB email address to register. This can also be done by clicking the ProctorU course navigation link from within a Canvas course.

Screengrab of the proctoru prompt to create an account.

Instructor Timeline

Before term starts

Schedule one-on-one training by creating an instructor account. For additional questions, reach out by emailing Amanda Hileman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (205) 289-1395.

Three weeks before exam

Schedule your ProctorU exam within three weeks prior to your actual exam date. See the pdfFaculty ProctorU Guide for instructions on how to schedule your exams. You are not required to have your exam materials ready at the time that you schedule your exams with ProctorU.

Within 24 hours

After submitting the exam, you will receive an email from ProctorU within 24 hours confirming approval. Students can schedule after this time.

72+ hours

After receiving exam approval, please invite students to schedule their exams at no cost. *Students scheduling their exam within 72 hours of their appointment will incur late scheduling fees. Share the pdfStudent ProctorU Guide.

Exam day

Students will take the exam.



Do proctors take a picture of the ID? If so, how long are those kept?

If a photo is taken of the IDs they are purged after 10 days.

How long are videos kept?

Recordings are kept for one year past inactivity and up to seven years. Both screen and video recordings are made available with 24 hours of the session ending. Videos are stores on our U.S. based servers.

What is the software that students have to download? Can you explain that? There’s a concern that it may cause a virus. Have there been any reports of that?

Students download a one-time applet called Log Me In Rescue. Once they disconnect from ProctorU, the applet can't be reopened. Each time the student connects they have to re-download, install, and run the applet. This applet is utilized by some of the top companies in the world, including Best Buy, HP, GE, and Toyota. The proctor is unable to do the following:

  • Download files from a test-taker’s computer.
  • Do anything that is not seen or approved by a test-taker.
  • Access a test-taker’s computer after the exam.

Does ProctorU cover more time in a test if DSS accommodations are needed?

Yes. ProctorU is pdfADA compliant and will accommodate any students who have an accommodation due to a disability. All you will need to do is ensure the time accommodation is set in Canvas for that student and notify ProctorU. You can notify ProctorU by entering it when you submit your exam information through your account.

Do students need to have a full length mirror to take a test?

No, but they may need something else with a reflective surface. If the student is using a computer that has a built-in webcam, they will need to have something with a reflective surface, for example a cell phone (put out of reach before testing begins). This will allow the proctor to view the outer frame of the computer to check for sticky notes or similar items.

Instructor Training

Faculty can schedule a one-on-one training with ProctorU.

For additional training requests or questions reach out to Amanda Hileman by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (205) 289-1395.


Technical Support