The UAB Bookstore is integrated into Canvas so that faculty and students can access their UAB Bookstore portal within the Canvas environment. This integration streamlines the textbook adoption process for faculty, allowing them to select the course materials for their courses more easily. It also simplifies the purchase process for students, showing them the required and recommended materials for their course.


Course Materials (First Day Access)

As an instructor for a First Day/Inclusive Access course, you will need to add the Course Materials link in your Canvas course navigation so that students can Opt-Out of the program if they wish (during the Opt-Out period only) or access Courseware and eTextbook materials through this link. See instructions on adding Couse Materials to your Canvas course.

Submit Course Materials (FacultyEnlight)

This link is available on the right of the course home page and allows faculty to:

  • Research and adopt course materials in one place
  • Compare the estimated cost to student and format availability before adopting
  • Read and write product reviews
  • Access past adoptions for the past two years

When faculty click this link it will pair their Canvas ID to their FacultyEnglight account. The faculty’s course information will be automatically populated saving them this step in the process when submitting their course material selections to the UAB bookstore.

FacultyEnlight can be accessed outside the Canvas environment at


Course Materials (First Day Access)

First Day is your bookstore’s Inclusive Access program. With this program, the cost of course materials is added as a charge for the course, by your school, and students receive benefits including:

  • Deeply discounted, lowest price materials
  • The guaranteed right materials
  • Access on or before the first day of class

Click Course Materials in your Canvas course navigation to access First Day Access. See step by step instructions.

Order Course Materials (UAB Bookstore)

This link will take students to the UAB Bookstore website, where they can view all available formats and pricing, and purchase the course materials specific to their course and section. Students will need to log in or create a UAB Bookstore account. Once an account is created and access through the Order Course Materials link in Canvas, their bookstore account will be paired with their Canvas ID, so that they don’t need to log in again when using this link in future courses.

Students can also order course materials outside the Canvas environment at

Yuzu eReader (Access eTextbooks)

If the instructor has enabled the Yuzu eReader in a course, students will be able to access their digital course materials by clicking the ‘Yuzu eReader’ link in the Canvas course navigation.

Go to for more information or to download the iOS or Android apps.

What are the benefits of adopting materials online?

FacultyEnlight offers the convenience of researching and adopting course materials in one website. Adoptions will be sent directly to the bookstore manager on campus and all of the information will be posted for students within 48 hours. Adoptions can also be sent to your Department Administrator for approval, and will be sent directly to the bookstore once approved. Students can then click the Bookstore link Canvas or visit to see and purchase course materials.

Can the site be used without registering?

Yes, research and adoption of course materials can be completed without registering. However, there are added benefits to registering on the site such as the ability to:

  • Submit new adoptions with greater ease
  • Review adoptions for the past two years
  • Create and access favorites lists
  • Write and submit textbook reviews

How do I edit my account information?

Simply click your welcome message at the top of the page to go to your account settings. View our Editing Account Information guide (pdf).

If I would like students to choose from a list of titles, do I select “Required” or “Recommended” for each book?

Select “Required” for the list of books you want in your “Go To Class First” list, but in the notes section on the Review/Submit Order page, please specify that this is a “Go To Class First” list.

If a title is not found, how can it be adopted?

If a title isn't found, selecting the link 'Search" will search all the books available on If the title still cannot be found, at the bottom of every search results page, there is a form entitled “Enter New Title.” Fill in all the fields and proceed with the adoption process.

Barnes & Noble Support

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Submit a Ticket
  • Call 1-844-9-EBOOKS (1-844-932-6657)

Contact UAB Bookstore

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call 205-934-8206

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