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First Day Access (Course Materials) is UAB Bookstore’s Inclusive Access program. With this program, the cost of course materials is added as a charge for the course, by your school, and students receive benefits including:

  • Deeply discounted, lowest price materials
  • The guaranteed right materials
  • Access on or before the first day of class
On this page:
  1. Log into Canvas with your instructor username and password and navigate to the course that requires the First Day Access link.
  2. Click Settings from the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click the Navigation tab, and scroll down to the hidden items, at the bottom of the list.
  4. Look for First Day Access in the list.
  5. Click and hold First Day Access and drag it up to the list of active navigation links.
    Tip: If the Purchase Course Materials link is an active navigation link, select it and drag it down to the hidden items, to prevent student confusion for this course only
  6. Click Save.
  7. The First Day Access link will now be available in the left-hand navigation of your course. You may have to refresh your window to see it.
  8. Important: Click the First Day Access link once enabled in your course navigation to activate the connection. If you do not see your course materials populate within 2 hours, contact the UAB bookstore. 
  9. Repeat these steps any additional sections that require the First Day Access link.

2 – 4 Weeks Before Class Starts

  • Ensure that the Barnes & Noble College First Day Access link is installed in your First Day course(s) so students can access their course materials. There is a video attached that will instruct you on how to do this.
  • If using a publisher courseware product (i.e. MyLab, Connect, MindTap) be sure you have completed the course setup/pairing. Contact your publisher representative for assistance.

2 Weeks Before Class Starts

  • Ensure messaging is added to your syllabus and Canvas course describing the program and the benefits. This messaging is available under Sample Student Messaging.

First Day of Class

  • Let students know about this program that will save them money on their course materials!
  • Ensure students know that they can opt-out within Canvas using the First Day Access link.
  • Direct any student concerns or questions to the Barnes & Noble College Customer Care team and provide students the Customer Care Contact Information in this document.

First Day Access (Course Materials)

To enhance your learning experience and provide affordable access to the right course material, this course is part of an inclusive access model called First Day Access. You can easily access the required materials for this course at a discounted price, and benefit from single sign-on access with no codes required all in Canvas.

UAB will bill you at the discounted price as a course charge for this course. The charge should show as "Book- dept and course number"  on your student account in Banner.

It is NOT recommended that students Opt-Out, as these materials are required to complete the course. You can choose to Opt-Out on the first day of class, but you will be responsible for purchasing your course materials at the full retail price and access to your materials may be suspended.

For more information and FAQs go to customercare.bncollege.com.

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