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The Samuel B. Barker Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies, named for UAB’s first graduate dean, Dr. Samuel Booth Barker, was introduced in 1995. Each Spring since then, students (at the master's level and at the doctoral level) who will graduate in the Spring, Summer, or Fall of the calendar year, may be nominated for "the Barker award" by their department's graduate program director. The Dean of the Graduate School chooses the final recipients from the group of nominees, whose names appear on plaques outside the Graduate School office as continuing evidence of their accomplishments.

Past Recipients

  • 2021 - 2020


    Doctoral Recipients

    Sabrina Heiser, Biology
    Valene Garr Barry, Nutrition Sciences
    Macy Stockdill, Nursing
    Riley Hightower, Graduate Biomedical Science, Neuroscience
    Leland Fleming, Graduate Biomedical Science, Neuroscience

    Master's Recipients

    Audra Gottier Weber, Business Administration
    Aldric Gardiner, Management Information Systems
    Blake Beaton, Criminal Justice
    Angela Richardson, Nutrition Sciences
    Sam Phillips, English


    Doctoral Recipients

    Rose Creed, Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience
    Catherine Scull, Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
    Wesley LaBarge, Biomedical Engineering
    Katie Cederberg, Rehabilitation Science
    Sumner Harris, Physics

    Master's Recipients

    Jessica Robbins, English
    Bethany Langer, Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science
    Robert Ezekiel, Art History
    Trey Gordon, Public Administration
    Kory Dees, Biomedical and Health Sciences

  • 2019 - 2010


    Mark Pepin, Doctoral Level, Medical Scientist Training Program and Biomedical Engineering
    Antonio Foles, Master's Level, Health Behavior


    John Donnelly, Doctoral Level, Epidemiology
    Firooz Jahani, Master's Level, Public Administration


    Jennifer Bail, Doctoral Level, Nursing
    Ibawolatei Iyegha, Master's Level, Accounting


    Jay Bhatt, Doctoral Level, Neuroscience
    Marie Sutton, Master's Level, English


    Julie Schram, Doctoral Level, Biology
    Jessica Deitzer, Master's Level, Criminal Justice


    Stephanie N. Brosius, Doctoral Level, Neuroscience
    Joanna C. Wilson, Master's Level, Art History


    Roberta Challener, Doctoral Level, Biology
    Stephanie Cardwell, Master's Level, Criminal Justice


    Juan Calix, Doctoral Level, Microbiology
    Jacob Nelson, Master's Level, Mechanical Engineering


    Katie Gibbs, Doctoral Level, Biology
    James Gothard, Master's Level, English


    Craig Aumack, Doctoral Level, Biology
    Bonnie Kathleen Culpepper, Master's Level, Biomedical Engineering

  • 2009-2000


    Ozioma C. Okonkwo, Doctoral Level, Medical/Clinical Psychology
    Sally E. Culpepper, Master's Level, English


    Scott W. Keith, Doctoral Level, Biostatistics
    Christopher Null, Master's Level, History


    T. Scott Isbell, Doctoral Level, Pathology
    John C. Mahan, Master's Level, English


    Francisco Hernandez, Doctoral Level, Computer and Information Sciences
    Lauren Rast, Master's Level, Physics


    Paula Chandler-Laney, Doctoral Level, Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience
    Rosie O'Bierne, Master's Level, Anthropology


    Chenxi Wang, Doctoral Level, Nutrition Science
    Dina Hagler, Master's Level, English


    William J. Tyler, Jr., Doctoral Level, Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience
    Barbara J. Adams, Master's Level, Health Informatics


    Jeremy R. Patterson, Doctoral Level, Physics
    Catherine M. Stevens, Master's Level, Art History


    Bryan A. Moore, Doctoral Level, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
    Aysha D. Bey, Master's Level, English


    Shelley E. Haydel, Doctoral Level, Microbiology
    Donna L. Cox, Master's Level, History

  • 1999 - 1995


    Scott Jenkins, Doctoral Level, Psychology-Behavioral Neuroscience
    Helene Dubois, Master's Level, Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Hunter Moseley, Doctoral Level, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
    Traci Parnell, Master's Level, Art History


    Sara J. Sudmeier, Doctoral Level, Chemistry
    Staci S. Simon, Master's Level, History


    Philip Chen, Doctoral Level, Pathology
    Daniel P. Swenson, Master's Level, Biology


    Peter P. Sayeski, Doctoral Level, Physiology and Biophysics
    Julia A. Hagle, Master's Level, Health Information Management


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