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UAB announces the availability of a Family Assistance Scholarship for eligible graduate students. Scholarship funds will be provided to graduate students who have family-related financial commitments that would, if not resolved, prevent them from enrolling in a degreegranting graduate program. Necessary expenses, such as for child care, care of a parent, unusually high prescription drug costs not completely covered by health care policies, etc. would be considered appropriate reasons to apply for a Family Assistance Scholarship. Funds from these scholarships will be capped at $5,000 per year and will be provided in addition to any stipend or other support awarded to students through their graduate program.


Family Assistance Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis only to new graduate students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who have already been accepted into a research based Ph.D. program at UAB. To retain their Family Assistance Scholarship, recipients must be enrolled as full-time students. Scholarship amounts will be based on demonstrated financial need and will be renewable annually if the student is making satisfactory progress in his/her graduate program and is able to provide verification that the family-related financial need persists. UAB is committed to achieving a diverse learning environment. Women, minorities and others who have a financial responsibility for supporting children, a parent, or sibling are encouraged to apply. As indicated above other relevant financial needs may qualify as well.

Application Procedures

After receiving an offer of acceptance into a research-based PhD program at UAB, prospective students who meet the eligibility criteria indicated above may apply for a Family Assistance Scholarship by providing the information requested in the Family Assistance Scholarship application form.

The scholarship will be awarded by the Graduate School according to financial need. Your income will be determined by your gross family income, including any child support payments. Please attach a copy of your most recent federal income tax form and any financial aid award letters from UAB for the current year to the application form. Please report family base salaries only, or earnings if self-employed. Be sure to document in the application what you pay directly for tuition and fees, especially if that money is included in your stipend or fellowship paycheck. These commitments will then not be included by the selection committee in determining net income.

Please Note: A significant change in family income during the year will affect the scholarship amount. This would occur, for example, when a spouse who formerly did not work starts a new job or the student or his/her spouse receives a significant salary increase. Scholarship recipients are required to immediately notify Ms. Cynthia Ballinger should family income change so that the amount of scholarship can be re-evaluated and adjusted as required.

All financial information reported by applicants will be kept strictly confidential.

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