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As you prepare to have medical students on your ward service, please review the teaching tips below. Thank you in advance for all that you do to make their clerkship experience great!  Please contact us if we can help in any way. 

1. Set Expectations

  • Students should admit and follow at least one new patient per call, but the overall patient load is up to you and may vary based on census, timing in the rotation, and student performance. 

  • Please encourage students to present and write notes on their patients daily and attend all teaching activities (i.e. lectures, simulation, morning reports).

  • Outline any additional expectations that you have as soon as you start. The following brief video provides an excellent overview: MedEd Moments: Setting Expectations

2. Role Model 

  • Students will look to you to set the tone of the rotation, so please role model your clinical reasoning, communication, and professionalism.

  • Involve your students as part of the team and in the decision-making process as much as possible.

  • Respect their time away from wards to attend clinic and teaching activities.

3. Observe and Assess Performance

  • Before starting service, consider reviewing the objectives and evaluation metrics with which you will be assessing your students’ clinical performance. 
    Our Objectives
    Sample Evaluation Form

  • Please make every effort to observe them taking part in the history and performing components of a physical exam (see EPA’s below for guidance).

4. Provide Feedback


  • To encourage continual improvement, please provide feedback to your students at least twice during your rotation – at the midway point and as you finish. To assist you in doing so, please see the video and forms below.

  • MedEd Moments: Giving Feedback

  • Midblock Form: students turn in this form at the halfway point of each ward month with a goal of getting formative feedback to act on in the time remaining. 

  • Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s): checklist guide to provide clinical feedback on specific history and physical exam skills (ex. Pulmonary or CV exam).


  • Please complete summative assessments in Medhub promptly – their grades depend on it!

  • 50% or more evaluations (upper level & attending only) that recommend “honors” = clinical honors

  • The honors box is anonymous, and students SHOULD NOT discuss or ask for honors

  • Consider using the RIME model (Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, Educator)

  • Meets Expectations
  • The student is able to obtain, assimilate, and present a clear H&P.
  • The student is punctual.
  • The student does what is asked of them.
  • The student reads their patient’s conditions and teaches the team when prompted.
  • Exceeds Expectations
  • The student critically analyzes data and shows independence in patient care plan.
  • The student takes initiative in patient care and teaching.
  • The student demonstrates curiosity and determination.
  • Honors
  • The student demonstrates exemplary performance.
  • The student presents as an attractive candidate for the residency program.
  • The student exudes self-confidence and responsibility as well as being an honest leader.