MedEd webDrs. Carissa Lau and Jason Morris act out the patient encounter with Brandy Freiger, then address the experience with effective feedback.

One of the most important skills of a clinician-educator is giving timely feedback on specific behaviors in an appropriate setting. That's why we have developed this second installment of MedEd Moments, a practical way for teaching faculty to enhance their proficiency. Hats off to Drs. Lisa Willett, Jason Morris, and J.R. Hartig for their creative turn in screenwriting, acting and video production!

EAB webDr. Mark Wilson, Jefferson County Department of Health Officer, with Dr. Jason Morris, Sophia Morris, and Dr. John Kennedy (aka. Dr. Well-Be) at the Equal Access Birmingham Fundraiser.
As we wrap up August as #NationalWellnessMonth, Dr. Well-Be is delighted to report that the DOM had a terrific turnout at the annual Equal Access Birmingham 5K . We had plenty of residents, faculty and friends who ran in support of EAB as an indispensable community wellness initiative. And high fives to speedsters Daniel Scullin and Mack Brown for finishing in the Top 10!

CIT webL to R: Senior Director, Wendy Tissier, Dr. John Kennedy, and Manager, Adam Burgess

The UAB Medicine Clinical Informatics Team is over 20 people strong, with an aim to continually improve the efficiency and user experience in our electronic health record. Led by Wendy Tissier and Adam Burgess, the team collaborates with providers and administrators across the enterprise, including our DOM Senior Advisor and Director for Wellness John Kennedy, MD. Together, everyone is working to strengthen the Department's connection to this team as a vital resource for improving wellness.

VOR webBack Row L-R: Drs. KeAndrea Titer, Stephen Russell, Tim Neisson, Matthew Mullen, Rob Smola, Micah Whitson, Brian Garibaldi, Sara Gould. Front Row L-R: Drs. Adam Edwards, Michael Hamer, Jason Morris, Meghan Black, Sam McElwee.The Residency Program, Office of Standardized Patient Education, and faculty from Johns Hopkins partnered for an innovative graduate medical training program led by Drs. Shawn Galin, KeAndrea Titer and Stephen Russell early this month. The training paired patient volunteers with residents to simulate a clinical exam while faculty observed the process and provided real-time feedback. Not only will the trainees who participated benefit, but the process will inform the “Reimagining Residency” grant funded by the American Medical Association. Hats off to all who collaborated to advance medical education!


rowe nasal webPictured above: Dr. Rowe conducts the new optical coherence tomography scan for CF patient

Steven Rowe, MD, MSPH (Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care) has developed a minimally invasive tool for viewing differences in the nasal airways of cystic fibrosis patients. Thanks to a ten-year collaboration with pathologists at Massachusetts General Hospital, the new optical coherence tomography technology delivers high-resolution images of the hair-like structures that line nasal airways, as well as of the detailed features of the clearance of mucus which is impaired in people with CF. Congratulations on this tremendous breakthrough!