Drs. Stigler and JohnsonDrs. Stigler and Johnson in the Tele-ICU bunker.Thanks to the new Tele-ICU initiative led by Steve Stigler, MD (Associate Professor) and Jim Johnson, MD (Professor), patients in the Intensive Care Unit at Vaughan Regional Medical Center in Selma have access to intensive care that is saving lives. By operating a remote “round and respond” service, UAB’s expert critical care faculty have worked with physicians and nurses in Selma to improve patient outcomes, reducing risk-adjusted mortality by nearly 50% and allowing more patients to be treated at Vaughan without transferring to UAB.

Dr. Doppalapudi Harish Doppalapudi, MD (Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Disease) recently participated in an exciting community education partnership with UAB School of Medicine students which presented a "Heart Clinic" to tenth-graders at George Washington Carver High School. The highlight was the hands-on portion of the workshop where each high-schooler was able to learn and practice taking a blood pressure reading. This program is part of the Academies of Birmingham initiative which prepares students in Birmingham city schools for college and professional careers.

UAB Department of Medicine Volunteers from the Department of Medicine Chair’s Office participated in a community service project with Christian Service Mission last week, helping organize groceries to pack more than 4,000 Thanksgiving meals for those in need in our community. Like to find a way you can give back, too? Look no further than the UAB Blazer Kitchen that provides healthy food, resources, and referrals to UAB employees, students, patients and their families.

Carolyn Walsh and Amy Warriner, MDCarolyn Walsh with WLM Clinic Director Amy Warriner, MDAs we enter National Diabetes Awareness Month this November, the DOM is celebrating the positive impact that our Weight Loss Medicine clinic is having under the leadership of Amy Warriner, MD (Associate Professor, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism). Read the story of one of our colleagues, Carolyn Walsh, whose weight loss spurred a 50% reduction in insulin and helped improve her blood sugar control.

Amitkumar MehtaThe DOM is delighted to celebrate the exemplary patient care provided by Amitkumar Mehta, MD (Assistant Professor, Hematology and Oncology) who was a part of a patient's successful journey through cancer treatment. Diagnosed in early 2017 with double-hit lymphoma, a particularly aggressive form of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) that was located in a tumor on her spine, Karen Warnock underwent 8 weeks of chemo and radiation treatment. She left UAB on a walker, progressed to a cane, and in March of 2018 began walking on her own again. Now she's back to teaching piano and voice and taking care of her children. Read the inspiring story!