Opportunities for Global Service in Health

There are many ways to use what you know in health care to serve families of low resources, both in the US and abroad. For opportunities abroad, please click on the links below to find ways in which you can use your passion for global health to enhance your training and/or advance your career.  If you wish to be added to our e-mailing list, please contact us and let us know! 

Partners In Health offers job opportunities around the world for adventurous health care professionals. 

The Peace Corps offers a unique experience to make a difference around the world.

Doctors Without Borders needs qualified nurses for a challenging and rewarding career.

Projects Abroad offers internships in nursing and health care all over the world.

Jhpiego works in developing countries to train healthcare professionals in modern reproductive health care.

United Planet is a community of people who care which trancends borders.  Nurses needed!

InterExchange provides international adventures in health care service around the world.

Be a nurse in the U.S. Navy and see the world.

Global Research Nurses work towards improving health worldwide through clinical research abroad.

Work with Resource Exchange International to help build the healthcare workforce in other nations.


While it is our goal to make this type of information available to you, UAB SON does not endorse any specific organization, company or program.