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Students are academically suspended from the University of Alabama at Birmingham for one term. During this time frame the student is not allowed to register for classes until the end of the suspension period. If a student appeals successfully, he or she will be immediately eligible for readmission.

The procedure for a student to appeal an academic suspension decision are as follows:

The suspended student must present a petition describing the extraordinary personal circumstances that contributed to his or her academic deficiencies. Such events must be highly unusual such as the death of an immediate relative, a serious illness, severe financial distress, or personal crisis. Each individual wishing to appeal an academic suspension is required to submit a petition outlining the reasons for the applicant’s previous academic problems and how the applicant plans to correct the problems. Each petition must be accompanied by appropriate documentation relative to the need for additional consideration and/or substantiating the extenuating circumstances related to the appeal.

The student petition should be submitted on-line through BlazerNet by the due date listed on your suspension appeal letter. Instructions for submitting an appeal for possible consideration of the suspension are below.

  • Login to BlazerNet
  • Select ‘Links/Forms’ in the green ribbon area on your Student Profile page
  • Then select, ‘Suspension Appeal Form’ listed under ‘Forms’
  • Complete required form and attach any supporting documentation
  • Press ‘Submit My Appeal’

The suspension appeal documentation will be forwarded to the Suspension Appeals Committee. The Suspension Appeals Committee is composed of five members (two faculty members appointed by the Provost’s designee, one student designated by the Student Government Association, and two representatives from the Office of the Registrar, who will review all petition.

Should the suspension appeals committee determine that indeed an extraordinary personal event contributed significantly to the student's academic deficiencies, and there is evidence of an adequate plan to address these extraordinary circumstances, they will recommend that the student be reinstated on academic probation. The student must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average or reach the retention standards each semester he or she remains in this status. The decision of the suspension appeals committee is final.

The Office of the Registrar is the administrative unit responsible for the academic suspension appeals process. This unit is responsible for coordinating the appeals process, maintaining the official records and producing annual reports.

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