UAB is committed to reviewing and responding to student complaints appropriately. A complaint is an expression of discontent based on the result of behavior or circumstances that the student believes are unjust, unsafe, inequitable, or create an unnecessary hardship. Students who attempt to resolve issues directly with the appropriate parties and are not satisfied may file formal written complaints through BlazerNET. Complaints should include any involved parties so that UAB can fully investigate the concern. One Stop Student Services receives complaints submitted through BlazerNET, directs them to appropriate campus offices (when necessary), and ensures that students receive feedback. Students may not make anonymous complaints in BlazerNET, nor may they make complaints on behalf of other individuals.

Official Student Complaint Policy from UAB Policies & Procedures Library

Formal Procedures

Students submit formal complaints using the online form in BlazerNET, including involved parties and other relevant information. Students who wish to discuss a potential complaint in more detail may contact One Stop Student Services directly. Students should direct some complaints to the appropriate departments identified in the links listed below.

A senior staff member of the One Stop will acknowledge receipt and consult with the student to verify the information submitted is accurate and complete.

The One Stop staff member will consult the appropriate person(s) in the department/office that most closely relates to the complaint.

One Stop Student Services will work with the department/office to ensure that the complaint is researched and responded to in a reasonable timeframe, preferably within ten (10) business days. The One Stop staff member will periodically update the student on the status of the complaint. If necessary, the One Stop staff member will communicate the resolution to the student.

The One Stop staff member will acknowledge that the complaint has been resolved, document it accordingly, and close the issue.

Students who wish to move forward with complaints at the state level can view the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) student complaint process.

Other Complaint Systems

If you have additional questions, please call One Stop Student Services at 205-934-4300 or e-mail questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..