Unused personal holidays to roll over

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Timeline Icon Flat DesignEmployees will be able to keep and roll over any unused personal holidays under a one-time exemption approved by UAB and UAB Medicine. Personal holidays are those provided to employees of UAB, UAB Hospital, UAB LLC and UAHSF to augment, or in lieu of, institutionally observed holidays.

With this temporary change in policy, no unused personal holidays will expire until June 30, 2021.

Additionally, employees who accrue personal holidays and exceed the maximum 88 hours/11 days as of June 30, 2020, due to the additional holidays awarded in 2019, will be able to roll over those excess days for continued use. 

“This has been a year of unprecedented events,” said President Ray Watts. “We have asked much of our employees during the past several months, both in direct service and also foregoing many traditional springtime activities to help contain the spread of COVID-19. We hope this extension of personal holiday time helps express our gratitude for your support and encourages and enables you to continue practicing social distancing without the penalty of forfeited time.”

With this temporary change in policy, no unused personal holidays will expire until June 30, 2021.

Under existing UAB policy, personal holidays for non-essential employees are awarded July 1 of each year and must be used by the end of June the following calendar year. For biweekly non-essential employees the end date is the final pay period in June, and monthly paid employees must use them by June 30.

Regular full-time employees who have completed the initial six month probationary period are entitled to three working days during the year as personal holidays in addition to the eight designated holidays. Essential employees in UAB Hospital, the UAB Police Department and the UAB Call Center accrue up to 11 personal holidays per year rather than three personal and eight designated holidays. A copy of the full holiday policy, HR Policy 302, can be found in the UAB Policies and Procedures Library.