3 things to know about a change in the general wage structure

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Ladder career path for business growth success process concept. Wood block stacking as step stair with arrow up. Hand putting wooden cube block on top pyramidThe two-digit code, or grade, UAB uses to categorize job titles within salary ranges will be replaced with a three-digit code, effective Sept. 1. Instead of a number between 2 and 28, all job titles will be assigned a number between 200 and 500 — with a few exceptions. Employees in direct patient care nursing, sworn police officers, those included in the research career ladder and any other employment category with its own wage structure will not be included at this time.

The new designation is primarily an administrative tool, says Bradley Bridges, executive director for Compensation, who is shepherding this project. “Think of it as adding more shelves to the bookcase holding UAB’s library of jobs,” he said. “It doesn’t change the current number of jobs or the current pay rate of employees, but it does improve our ability to organize, assess and position jobs in the future.”

Here are three things to know: 

1. Your salary is not changing. This is a revenue-neutral change in job structures that will create more layers so that existing and future job titles can be better and more easily assessed for market value by Human Resources.

2. You can find your new number online. There are two places you can easily check to find your job title’s new code:

  • Access Administrative Systems at uab.edu/adminsys/. Select Oracle HR & Finance and log in using your BlazerID and password. Select UAB Self Service Applications and choose Employee Views. In the table under the employment tab, your grade is listed next to your job title.
  • Access the UAB portal at my.uab.edu. Download the JobArchitect app in the myApps section by selecting Manage Apps at the bottom. Once added, enter your job title, click on the cloud icon to generate a report and then download your job description. The grade is listed below the job family. 

3. You can review the new structure online. A list of the new codes and salary ranges is listed on the Human Resources site.

The change is being made now to ensure all records are updated prior to the start of the fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. Direct any other questions to your unit’s Human Resources representative.