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Linda Gunter

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Undergraduate enrollment, doctoral programs and national rankings all have risen under the nearly two decades of leadership by Harold Jones.

Nearly 3,000 employees earned a combined $138,730 just for participating in the annual biometric health screenings.

UAB policy requires non-essential services, biweekly paid, full-time regular employees to use personal holidays by the last biweekly pay period in June — which for 2018 is the June June 10-23 pay period — or forfeit them. The 2018-19 personal holiday balance will be reflected on the June 24-July 7 pay-deposit statement.

This three-part series from Learning & Development helps managers become more confident and knowledgeable in their role.

A new online database enables employees and supervisors to access a record of courses completed in the UAB Learning System and  WebCT/Blackboard.

The Birmingham Corporate Challenge promotes fitness and healthy competition within UAB, among city businesses.

UAB’s Employee Assistance and Counseling Center provides a place where members of the campus community can share their experiences, offer support and know they are not alone.

Stefanie Johnson will discuss her research on the intersection of leadership, entrepreneurship and diversity and suggest ways to mitigate unconscious bias.

This year graduates and undergraduates will be awarded degrees in separate ceremonies.

Improvements are being implemented in phases, several of them underway and ongoing through 2021.

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