UAB is migrating to a new tool to manage staff job descriptions

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High quality 3d render of a modern keyboard with blue job descriptions button.  Job descriptions keyboard button has a text and an icon on it and it is in focus.  Horizontal  composition with copy space.Effective Nov. 16, the platform for UAB’s current Job Description system will be replaced by JobArchitect, an electronic tool to manage staff job descriptions that offers improved security, search functions and responsiveness.

Access to JobArchitect, limited to active UAB employees, will be available as a single sign-on app in the myUAB employee portal. Search the App Store within the portal and add JobArchitect to the myApps section to search, save and print approved job descriptions in PDF format.

Compensation will work with departmental HR representatives to update existing job descriptions after the system is live. A structured process to update the job descriptions has been developed and will be communicated.  

Learn more about JobArchitect and its implementation on the Compensation web page. Direct questions or requests for assistance to or call 205-934-5321.