Get crafty with a cute Blaze cross stitch

text by Julie Keith | cross stitch by Shannon Robinson

erep blaze embroidery 550px 150dpiANDREA MABRY | University Relations

Looking for a fun holiday project that could be the perfect gift for the UAB fan in your life (including yourself!)? Then look no further than our adorable Blaze cross stitch, a simple project that even beginners can complete.

Download these instructions and get started. You’ll need:

  • 12” square of 14-count Aida fabric*
  • 6” or 7” embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • DMC embroidery floss in the following colors:
    • 310 – Black
    • 349 – Coral, dark
    • B5200 – Snow white
    • 704 – Chartreuse, bright
    • 996 – Electric blue, medium
    • 3818 – Emerald green, ultra very dark

*Using 10-count fabric will result in a larger Blaze, using 16- or 18-count fabric will make a smaller Blaze.

Using two strands of floss and following the key on the pattern, complete the design, working your stitches in the same direction (first stitch going to the right, cross stitch going to the left, or vice versa). Tie off ends and trim excess floss.

Gently wash your finished cross stitch in cool water and mild soap to remove any stains or hoop marks. Let dry; press with a warm iron from the back.

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erep blaze embroidery square 1000px 150dpiANDREA MABRY | University Relations

Finishing ideas


  • Trim the excess Aida fabric and keep Blaze in his embroidery hoop for a built-in frame
  • Mount your finished Blaze in a picture frame
  • Find a fun green or gold backing fabric and sew back-to-front to turn Blaze into a simple wall-hanging for your office or cubicle
  • Use the same idea, but add batting/stuffing for a cute mini-pillow


  • Cut around Blaze, leaving a seam allowance, and sew to backing fabric to make a fun Christmas ornament
  • Cut around Blaze leaving a seam allowance, turn under, and applique to a shirt or tote bag

Handwork, including cross stitch, embroidery, crochet and knitting, helps reduce stress because it centers your mind on the task at hand. It is a wonderful mindfulness activity that also boosts creativity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and patience. Plus, you end up with something beautiful for your efforts.

Enjoy making our cute Blaze, and share your finished projects with us on social media!