Our best photos of 2023

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Each year, UAB’s official photographers capture tens of thousands of images as they document the incredible variety of events and personalities that make up our community. Here are some of our favorite photos from the past 12 months.

AM Alexandria Martin

Alexandria Martin, Theatre major, February 2023.

“My favorite pictures from this year seem to evoke a mood of dynamic repose. They also pair warm skin tones with deep, cool shadow. It started with Alexandria Martin, a student I found resting just like this with her ukelele, surrounded by friends on a warm winter day. She's so cool and collected here, ready to spring into action. I love her expression and body language next to the pink pattern of the blanket and the blues of her clothes and shadows. You can see more from our Humans of UAB series on Instagram.” — Andrea Mabry, university photographer

AM Curtain

Behind the scenes of an art installation at UAB's Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, August 2023. “Adoration Garden” by artist Jacqueline Surdell, weighing more than 500 pounds, is the most physically demanding piece AEIVA has presented.

It’s simple, but the gentle hand of Jacqueline Surdell touching the cord of her textured sculpture makes me feel relaxed and calm. The bright, directional lighting creates vivid colors, and the repetition of the shapes of the knots, fingers and hanging cords gives this image energy within its calm." — Andrea Mabry, university photographer

AA Birds on branch

Campus Green. Cedar waxwing birds on the branches of a tree, spring 2023.

“This photo captures the simple beauty of wildlife and winter, magically centered underneath the UAB logo. That brightens it up, gives it a framework, and the UAB logo in the back just nails it.” — Amanda Abbett, digital asset manager. Photo by Lexi Coon.

JAT Band Camp

Fall 2023 UAB Marching Blazers Band Camp show rehearsal, Practice Field. Cameron Johnson (student, Psychology; drum major, UAB Marching Blazers) is directing the band with the observation tower over his head in the background, August 2023.

“It's incredibly exciting to watch a marching band — so many people moving in unison, making a powerful sound. When we had the opportunity to photograph band camp in the late summer of 2023, I loved the idea. I really like this perspective of one of the field commanders (drum majors) who keeps everything running so smoothly. You get a real feel for the importance of his hand gestures!” — Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner, university photographer

JAT Commencement

Fall 2023 commencement ceremonies, Bartow Arena, December 2023.

“What a great moment to witness: this graduate walking across the stage to receive his diploma and communicating with the crowd cheering for him by sending a heart-shaped hand gesture. I think its simple message expressed what everyone was feeling that day — gratitude and love.” — Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner, university photographer

AM Ummu Bah

Ummu Bah, psychology major, UAB TrailBlazer and 2022-2023 Ms. UAB, at Children's of Alabama, June 2023.

“Ummu Bah is a boss. Her confidence reverberates through the frame, the buildings’ lines radiating from her core. Her energy is palpable, and it feels like she is inviting us to share in her self assurance.” — Andrea Mabry, university photographer

JAT Move In Day

2023 Move-In Day, outside McMahon Hall, August 2023. 

“We documented students, their parents, and all the emotions around such a big event in their lives during Move-in Day. The giddiness this student is experiencing is palpable, and the struggle-induced laughter due to her belongings nearly outweighing her makes for a relatable, heartwarming image.” — Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner, university photographer

SM Sloss Furnaces

Anthropology students on a field trip to Sloss Furnaces with Lisa Gezon, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology, April 2023.

“Sloss Furnaces is such a unique part of Birmingham’s history. When I took a class trip to Sloss I teared up learning about it. I love seeing UAB students getting to experience just how unique their college city is and to see the inspiration on all of their faces.” — Scarlett Miller, creative workflow specialist. Photo by Andrea Mabry.

AA In8Bio

Interior of IN8bio Birmingham Research Center, Pepper Place, July 2023. IN8bio is a biotechnology company focused on developing novel cellular therapies for cancer, with deep roots in cutting-edge cancer research developed at UAB.

“This photo really captures the eye and piques your interest in learning more about what this place is. It serves as an excellent storytelling piece to hype up the story text. The colors and shapes on the glass, especially the blues, are so pretty.” — Amanda Abbett, digital asset manager. Photo by Steve Wood.

AA Unity Park

Unity Park, with the School Of Nursing, the School of Optometry, and Lister Hill Library in the background, May 2023.

“The small pink flowers, especially the tallest one rising, just represents hope to me. Along with the other beautiful plants around it, the School of Nursing looks so clean, modern and fresh.” — Amanda Abbett, digital asset manager. Photo by Steve Wood.


Nathan Chen, a graduate student in Environmental Health Sciences, is sitting next to a 3D-printed head while conducting an experiment measuring the effectiveness of safety eyewear in the Environmental Health Lab in the School of Public Health, May 2023.

“There aren’t many universities that offer research experience like UAB. And even fewer that have genuinely cool opportunities like this! I also love the composition and color story within the photo. The orange and blue complement each other so well!” — Scarlett Miller, creative workflow specialist. Photo by Steve Wood.

SM Green Landscape UAB

UAB letters on display outside of the Hill Student Center, April 2023.

“The UAB campus is so gorgeous year-round, but nothing compares to our spring. There’s so many great places to connect with nature like The Green, the Mini Park, and all the hidden nooks around campus. I love this photo because it captures how fresh and lively campus is!” — Scarlett Miller, creative workflow specialist. Photo by Steve Wood.