Add all your training to professional transcripts in EdTrack

Written by  Brooke Carbo

EdTrack ReporterImage copyPhase II of EdTrack, UAB’s online database for employee transcripts, is live. Employees now can submit certificates of completion from conferences, workshops, online training and other professional growth opportunities outside UAB. Certificates uploaded online at and approved by a supervisor become part of an employee’s official UAB training history.

EdTrack launched earlier this year, giving employees access to a complete transcript of their professional training including courses completed in the UAB Learning System, pre-LMS coursework from WebCT/Blackboard and completed coursework from The data can be exported to Excel, allowing employees to submit a copy of their non-academic transcript during performance reviews.

Iif only LMS transcripts are needed, supervisors can email and request an employee’s transcript directly from the Learning System Support Team.

UAB employees can log in to their EdTrack account and submit professional growth certificates and former employees can submit a transcript request at