9 items to keep your work on-brand — from email to PowerPoint

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Want to give a great presentation at that next meeting, but not sure how to take your PowerPoint slides to the next level? Want to make sure your name is exactly UAB green in your email signature? Need a photo of campus for a website or brochure?

Find the answers in the UAB Brand and Communication Toolkit.

It’s important that UAB’s branding convey what the name UAB signifies — innovation, collaboration, diversity and strong community partnerships — and the resources at uab.edu/toolkit ensure that employees have the tools to project the brand well through logos, colors and other marks.

Here’s nine of the most useful items in the toolkit:

powerpoint template

Presentation templates

Pre-made and editable presentation templates are available in widescreen and standard formats for PowerPoint and Keynote. Introductory slide background choices include solid UAB green, a UAB-green gradient, the UAB watermark and campus, research and spirit-themed shots.

Official UAB logos

All current university logos are available for download from the toolkit in both PNG and EPS formats. Using the correct UAB logo connects you to the reputation of UAB and its schools and departments. Be sure to check the guidelines to ensure all logos are used properly.

uab colors

Accurate UAB colors

A single color communicates meaning almost instantaneously, and color is a key factor in brand recognition. The official university colors are green and white, with gold traditionally used as an accent color. Acceptable shades of green and gold and other accents also are included in the toolkit, along with an extended palette for print use. Each color’s formula is available in PMS, CMYK, RGB and Hex.

Info on ordering branded apparel, swag and promo items

Employees who use state dollars to purchase promotional items must use one of UAB’s approved vendors; find a step-by-step process in the toolkit and be sure to use a marketing approval form whenever UAB dollars are used for marketing-related activities.

image library fw

UAB Image Gallery

The UAB Image Gallery offers a wide selection of photography from across campus at various sizes available for download; it is searchable and updated regularly. Employees must be on the campus network or VPN to access the site, and a BlazerID login is required to view and download images.

Submit ideas for photography to be added to the UAB Image Gallery to content@uab.edu

Marketing Cloud

From basic newsletters to prospective student campaigns, departments can design, build and manage data-driven emails with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, an email-distribution service that includes analytics, complex reporting and design templates with strong mobile support.

Use the toolkit to find information on Marketing Cloud basics, register for training sessions and open internal support tickets.

Email signature templates

Standard and abbreviated email signature templates are available for download in RTF format on the toolkit; details on how to manually format signatures also is available. The keys? Making sure your name and title are UAB green, the typeface is Calibri or another approved font and the size 12 points or smaller. And — now that UAB’s 50th-anniversary celebrations have concluded — employees are encouraged to remove the celebratory mark from their signatures.

Web and WordPress options

Faculty, administrators, research and staff who want to represent their research can use the branded WordPress template, and site managers can customize their own content — including items, copy, sidebars and images — to fit their specific site needs.

More than 500 plugins automatically are installed on your new WordPress site, but if you need additional functionality through a plugin that isn't installed, reach out to UAB’s WordPress hosting and management provider CampusPress for further support. All support beyond the original site request is handled by CampusPress.

Campus Calendar

The UAB Campus Calendar is the central website to discover all the happenings at UAB. The toolkit offers FAQs and support for editing an event, adding, editing or removing a department or group, bulk-uploading events, creating widgets and more.