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Student Experience:

"...Working with other students from various educational backgrounds and  experiences was extremely rewarding and helped me grow in teamwork, critical thinking, and allowed me to utilize my problem solving skills from engineering. Each case was interesting because it encompassed problems from multiple angles including religion, education, culture, nutrition, medicine, and more. This really allowed students to think of solutions from a multi-dimensional perspective. Every student I know has fully enjoyed the competition and always looks forward to more competitions." - Priyanka Parajuli, UAB


Take time to read through and consider the following tips provided by past participants and winners of the UAB Global Health Case Competition. Follow the links on the right to review past cases and view presentations from previous competitions. Finally, read through the judging criteria for proposls presented at the competition.

Team Work

It is important to attend the Team Meet and Greet to meet your teammates before the competition starts. This will allow you to discuss schedules and determine meeting times during the week of the competition.

Preparing Your Strategy

Please remember that this case represents a complex scenario that does not have a single correct or perfect solution, thus it encourages a balance of creative yet perceptive and knowledgeable approaches. As you prepare your strategy it will be helpful to consider the following:

  • Is your project evidence based?

  • Is your project a good fit for the political and cultural realities in the designated country/area?

  • How will you measure and evaluate the success of your project goals?

  • How can you partner with other organizations and individuals in the area/community to have a greater impact?

  • How can you use media and other means of communication to your advantage?

  • Be realistic with the budget.

  • Be clear in your strategy and clearly explain all of the parts work together.


Presentation is very important so please keep the following in mind as you prepare:

  • Identify the strongest speakers in the group and select 1-2 people to present the strategy.

  • Practice the presentation before delivering it and have other team members proofread and critique the final presentation.

  • All team members must be present to answer questions from the judges. Prepare to answer questions that may force you to improvise.

Judging Criteria

Professional Timeliness Multidisciplinary Perspectives Logical
Feasibility of approach Legal/ethical issues Clearly defined target population Social Benefits
Evidence of sustainability Monitoring/Evaluation Plan Cultural acceptabily of approach Economic Impact
Adapting to Sitaution Scalability Clarity & strength of support for answers Innovation