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To make substantive and sustainable contributions to the achievement of health equity and social justice in resource-limited settings around the globe by working collaboratively to increase public health knowledge and capacity.



We develop sustainable approaches to advance global health equity and social justice through support for cutting-edge interdisciplinary education, research, global health practice, and community engagement in collaboration with international and domestic partners.



Above all else, we value:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Celebrating diversity of societies, cultures, and individuals across the globe while promoting social justice and human rights
  • Ethical Behavior and Integrity: Adhering to the highest ethical standards of integrity and transparency in our work with partners and communities to eliminate global health inequities
  • Collegiality and Collaboration: Practicing respect and accountability in the workplace and modeling professional and equitable global partnerships
  • Academic Excellence and Freedom: Pursuing evidence-based scholarship in all endeavors through free exploration in research, education, community engagement, and global health practice
  • Global Citizenship: Contributing to efforts to enhance the ways that UAB and the broader community think and act as global citizens
  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection: Promoting sustainable economic development and solutions that contribute to environmental justice and reduce negative impact on the global environment


The Sparkman Center for Global Health's mission is supported by three fundamental pillars. These are:

  • Education: graduate and undergraduate global health educational programs and opportunities for UAB students, faculty, and community
  • Research: support for research and scholarship conducted by UAB faculty, staff, and students in collaboration with global partners
  • Global health practice and community engagement: training, empowerment, knowledge dissemination, capacity building, and workforce development in global partner countries and the UAB community


The Sparkman Center for Global Health Mission Pillars rest on three foundations. These are:

  • Collaborative Organizational Culture: Fostering respect, openness, and teamwork in an organizational culture that thrives on inclusive and equitable participation, and supports education, research, community engagement, and global health practice
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Resource Development:  Practicing fiscal soundness and appropriate use of resources, as well as fostering organizational development to ensure a diverse and sustainable resource portfolio
  • Interdisciplinarity: Involving and fostering networking and partnerships across all disciplines at UAB and beyond