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Partnerships with programs in Tegucigalpa and in the western highlands region of Santa Rosa de Copan.

Current work in Honduras is based on partnerships with nursing programs in Tegucigalpa and in the western highlands region of Santa Rosa de Copan. Click here to read a feature from the UAB Magazine that highlights the partnerships and collaborations below.


Lynda Wilson

Initiatives have focused on collaboration with the Universidad Nacional Autonoma (UNAH) School of Nursing and more recently with the Public Health program in the School of Medicine. With support from the Sparkman Center in 2007, Dr. Lynda Wilson, Dr. Karen Saenz, and Dr. Lygia Holcomb from the UAB School of Nursing (UABSON) collaborated with UNAH nursing faculty to initiate and evaluate a parent/adolescent educational program (Familias Fuertes) in a low income neighborhood in Tegucigalpa. To learn more about the Familias Fuertes project, please see the following publications:

Experiencias sobre la capacitación del “Programa Familias Fuertes” a jóvenes del barrio El Chile, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (Training experiences in capacitation about the “Program Strong Families” in young individuals in Barrio El Chile, Tegucigalpa, Honduras (2011).

Evaluation of a strengthening families (Familias Fuertes) intervention for parents and adolescents in Honduras (2010).

Several faculty from the School of Nursing at the University of Honduras (UoH) have attended the International Nursing and Healthcare Leadership program held every 2 years in the UAB School of Nursing. UABSON faculty have provided consultation on the development of a new master’s nursing program at the UoH, and Dr. Lynda Wilson will present several workshops at a meeting of the XVI Curso Nacional de Pediatría in Tegucigalpa in September 2013.

Santa Rosa de Copan

Since 2007, UABSON faculty have worked on a number of projects with the Central America Medical Outreach (CAMO), a non-governmental organization in Santa Rosa de Copan that improves the lives of people by strengthening health systems and promoting sustainable community development. The Sparkman Center provided support to CAMO for a family violence project and shelter that was established in Santa Rosa de Copan in 2010.

Additionally, faculty members from the UABSON have led several Study Away trips to Santa Rosa. During these programs, UAB nursing students have partnered with Honduran nursing students to conduct health fairs and health educational programs. A number of nurses from Santa Rosa have participated in the UAB School of Nursing’s International Nursing and Healthcare Leadership program as well.