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We are proud to announce the 2020 Sparkman Fellows! We have selected 17 outstanding applicants spanning 4 different schools within UAB. We look forward to having them expand their Global Health knowledge and grow as future practitioners over the course of this school year!

Hassan Abu Nurah
Hassan AbuNurah, MS
School of Health Professions
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Eric Ford

Hassan is currently a PhD candidate in the Rehabilitation Science program. He received his B.S. in Respiratory Therapy from Saudi Arabia and his M.S. in Health Sciences from Georgia State University. His research interests focus on critical care rehabilitation in and is currently investigating the impact of mechanical ventilation on respiratory muscles mechanics. He is also interested in advancing the globalization of respiratory care profession and critical care rehabilitation thorough international education
Blake H
Hassanatu Blake, MBA, MPH
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Jodie Dionne-Odom

Hassanatu is a Doctoral student in the SOPH, Department of Health Behavior with a concentration in Health Education and Promotion. She is a global health professional with 15 years working with international, national, and non-profit organizations in health program/project management, capacity building and systems strengthening, and HIV. Hassanatu’s experience as a EdTech entrepreneur working on online programming in Southern and West Africa, the Caribbean, and the US and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have influenced her research focus to include Telehealth and HIV.
Teresa Boitano, MD
School of Medicine
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Jayme Locke

Teresa is currently a gynecologic oncology fellow in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UAB. Her experience includes working with women in Uganda decreasing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, fighting against human trafficking, and using advocacy to help increase women’s access to healthcare. She is currently studying cervical cancer prevention and treatment in Ethiopia along with helping develop access to gynecologic oncology education and training.
Hannah Comstock
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Tina Kempin-Reuter

Hannah is an undergraduate student majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and minoring in International Studies. Her experiences include interning with the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition in Kingston, Jamaica, participating in the UAB Global Case Competition and studying public health in Khon Kaen. Thailand. Her interests include reducing stigma in vulnerable populations, refugee and migrant health and disaster relief.
Madden Lunsford Headshot
Norah Madden-Lunsford
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Chris Kyle

Norah is in the process of getting her BS in Public Health and her MPH with a concentration in health behaviors. Her experience includes working with a rescue center and rural health clinic in Kenya as well as with primary and secondary schools in Kenya and in Jefferson County, Alabama. Coming from a family of artists, writers, and educators she is interested in the role that the arts and education play in public health and hopes to incorporate those interests with her future work in public health.
Anveetha Matta
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Wally Carlo

Anveetha is in the Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program, concurrently pursuing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in health behavior. She has previously competed in global health conferences and will be working with the UAB Center for the Study of Community Health to promote healthy practices in the city of Birmingham. In regards to global health, Anveetha plans to work on health interventions as a researcher and physician in the fields of children with disabilities and maternal and child health in the hopes of reducing disparities found in the healthcare system.
Tim McWilliams
School of Medicine; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Martin Rodriguez

Tim is a rising second year M.D./MPH dual degree student from Huntsville, Alabama. Tim is interested in health behavior and how the medical and public health fields can best be blended together to improve health of the community.
Molleti M
Madhuri Molleti
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Lisa Sharlach

Madhuri is currently an undergraduate student working toward obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Madhuri's global health interests include addressing healthcare disparities and access to quality education in developing countries. In the future, Madhuri would like to become a physician and work on public health issues both domestically and internationally.
Morgan J
Jessica Morgan, MPH
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Grace Jepkemboi

Jessica received her MPH with a concentration in Health Behavior, in addition to a graduate certificate in Global Health, from UAB. She is currently a doctoral student in the Health Education and Health Promotion program in the School of Public Health. Her research interests focus on the prevention of infectious diseases in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, such as HIV and HIV related comorbidities; global health disparities due to food insecurity and environmental injustice; and stigma. She plans to pursue a career in research to develop innovative interventions addressing infectious diseases prevention among marginalized women and among the homeless population.
Brianna Patterson, MPH
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Ria Hearld

Brianna is currently a Ph.D. student in Medical Sociology, along with graduate certificates in Global Health and Leadership & Professional Development. Brianna’s interest in global health stems from her service both in the US Marine Corps and as a firefighter/paramedic in the community. She hopes to use her education and experiences to work with marginalized gender-nonconforming communities to reduce health disparities, improve access to care, and advocate for equal rights.
Mary Anne Powell
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Paul Erwin

Mary Anne Powell is an undergraduate senior double majoring in Public Health and Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish. Her global health interest is the prevention of noncommunicable diseases like diabetes through social policy making that facilitates healthy behaviors. Mary Anne is especially interested in the effect these efforts can have in Latin American countries and among Latinx immigrants in the United States. She hopes to complete a PhD and conduct research on the intersection between policy and the social determinants of health
Sunya Reddy
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Lynn Matthews

Sunya is a rising senior and public health major from Alpharetta, Georgia. She is inspired by the intersection of global health and medicine, and she aims to one day address health concerns on both a population level and an individual level. Her global health experience is concentrated in Northern Ireland, where she has researched the effects of ethnonationalist conflict and conflict resolution on women’s health. Sunya hopes to continue investigating the impact of cultural awareness and conflict mediation on health outcomes, and, in the future, she aspires to further examine the interactions between mental health and health behaviors
Emma Kate Sellers
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Meredith Gartin

Emma Kate is a student in the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program pursuing a BS in public health, a Spanish for Specific Purposes Certificate, and an MPH focused on Health Care Organization and Policy. Emma Kate’s passion for global health stems from working with immigrant communities, and her interests include health disparities and stigma facing the LGBTQ, indigenous, and other marginalized communities around the globe. She aspires to understand how health disparities in their native countries could affect immigrants in the United States.
Khawla 'Shefa' Suhaila, MPH
School of Medicine
Scholar Mentor: Dr. James Johnston

Shefa is a current medical student. Her global health interest is in comprehensive health care access in rural and low-income areas through health education and preventive medicine. Topics of interest include neglected tropical diseases, surgery, and nutrition. Her goal is to work through non-profit organizations like Doctors Without Borders and NGOs to help improve health care infrastructure through community run clinics, local personnel training, and appropriate technologies.
Angelina Aduke Toluhi, MPH
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Janet Turan

Aduke is a Doctoral student in the SOPH, Department of Health Care Organization and Policy with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health. She is an international student from Nigeria, and a 2020-21 AAUW International Fellow. She is a medical doctor with over 16 years’ experience in different areas of public health including maternal & child health and nutrition, HIV, infectious diseases like Polio and health systems strengthening. Aduke’s work experience in Africa has influenced her research interests that will continue to focus on maternal & child health and HIV.
Pandora White, PhD
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Sadeep Shrestha

Pandora White received her PhD in biochemistry from The University of Alabama in 2019, MS in chemistry from The University of Alabama, and BS in chemistry from Alcorn State University. She is currently an MPH student in epidemiology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and is pursuing a graduate certificate in global health. She has research interests in infectious diseases, cancer and translational medicine. She has conducted research projects in Poland, Peru, Taiwan, and India.
Mari Yukawa
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Ada Markaki

Mari is currently a graduate student pursuing an MPH in Health Behavior along with the Certificate in Global Health. She is interested in the intersection of health disparities among minority and immigrant populations. She aspires to improve the quality of life of underserved populations by increasing access to high quality healthcare services. She feels the Sparkman Fellows Program will contribute to her future goals in global health and development by giving her experience in the field.