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We are proud to announce the 2021 Sparkman Fellows! We have selected 13 outstanding applicants spanning 5 different schools within UAB. We look forward to having them expand their Global Health knowledge and grow as future practitioners over the course of this school year!

Anita Aboagye, MSW
School of Education, Community Health & Human Services
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Bolton Moore

Anita Aboagye is a Doctoral Student in the School of Education, Department of Community Health & Human Services with a concentration in Health Education and Health Promotion. She is an international student from Ghana, and has worked as a Social worker both in Ghana and in the U.S. Her experience with the healthcare system in Ghana nurtured her desire in global health. Anita’s research interest focuses on addressing the social determinants of healthcare access and utilization in sub-Saharan Africa. She hopes to engage in research that explores and outlines the inadequacies, inefficiencies, and gaps in health systems with the aim of informing policy making; a step towards addressing the disparities in health. She also aspires to work for the World Health Organization to eliminate the social determinants of health especially in low-income countries.
Divya Annamalai
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Monsoor Saleh

Divya is pursuing a BS in Neuroscience as well as the graduate certificate in Global Health. She's been active in many global health related activities on campus such as being President of Friends of MSF, the Global Health Case Competition, and taking part in the Sparkman internship with Aga Khan University in Kenya for Summer 2021. Her global health interests are focused on researching and reducing stigma surrounding health issues such as breast cancer and HIV/AIDS in resource constrained populations
Tanvi Bhadkamkar
School of Engineering
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell

Tanvi is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering. She has participated in the Global Health Case Competition and is an activist for cardiovascular healthcare in rural and minority communities through the AHA. Tanvi is interested in the opioid epidemic and analyzing sustainable drug reduction strategies. She aspires to practice medicine and change the stigma surrounding care for substance abusers
Ami Dave
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Michael Vinikoor

Ami Dave is a part of the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program pursuing her undergraduate degree in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health studies as well as her Master's in Public Health with a concentration in Healthcare Organization and Policy. Her experience includes working to decrease stigma surrounding HIV through increased education of the condition as well as sexual health practices. She hopes to one day study the impact of infectious diseases on marginalized communities and how best to utilize policy and programs in promotion of equitable access to healthcare.
Jennifer Deutsch
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Ada Markaki

Jennifer is currently a graduate student pursuing an MPH in Population Health with a Certificate in Global Health. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology and returned to her studies to become a registered nurse after living and traveling overseas for several years. She has worked as a Critical Care nurse for the last 13 years. Jennifer is interested in chronic disease management, health systems and policies, and immigrant/migrant/refugee health
Haley Evans
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Stacy Moak

Haley Evans is currently an MPH student with a concentration in health behavior and a graduate certificate in global health. Haley has previously worked in Rwanda during her undergraduate career with the University of Central Arkansas. During summer 2021, Haley had the opportunity to intern with the Sunrise Center in Uganda in the field of maternal and child health. She plan to attend physician's assistant school and go into the field of obstetrics and women's health both in the United States and abroad.
Soumya Khanna
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Sadeep Shrestha

Soumya is pursuing an undergraduate neuroscience degree alongside a Fast-Track Masters of Public Health with a concentration in health behavior. She has participated in global health case competitions and has devoted time as a tutor to enhance English fluency for refugees in the Middle East. Her global health interests include improving the quality of life for migrants along with researching the intersections between neuroscience and public health. In the future, Soumya aspires to create a platform in which she can yield direct influence on upstream and downstream aspects of health issues as a public health practitioner and physician
Kerry McCulloch
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Paul Erwin

Kerry is a graduate student pursing an MPH in Epidemiology and the Graduate Certificate in Global Health. Her interest in global health started while she was living in Mexico and teaching a mindfulness practice at a K-12 bilingual school. She is interested in health issues that affect migrant and refugee populations.
Vani Mittall
School of Public Health; College of Arts & Sciences
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Simon Manga

Vani is an undergraduate student double majoring in Public Health and Biology. Her interests include mental health awareness and stigma, especially among minority populations, health disparities and equity, and the overall intersection of social justice and global health. Vani has been involved with the Friends of MSF student chapter and the Sparkman Global Health Case Competition at UAB for the last two years. In the future, Vani plans to work in clinical practice, using skills like cultural competency that stem from a strong global health foundation.
Kevin Owuor
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Janet Turan

Kevin Owuor is a doctoral student in Biostatistics. He is an international student from Kenya. He has ten years of experience as a Biostatistician in a number of HIV/AIDS care and treatment projects, and Maternal and Child Health implementation science research studies in Kenya. He is interested in learning from the mentors and also contributing his biostatistical skills to global health initiatives related to HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Health, and Cervical Cancer among others.
Sachi Patel
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Henna Budhwani

Sachi Patel is an undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience along with pursuing a Master's in Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology through the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program. Some of her interests in global health include addressing health care disparities and stigma in developing countries and preventing infectious diseases such as HIV that are a result of these disparities. Sachi hopes to go on to medical school to become a Physician where she will use her education and experiences to reduce health disparities and improve access to care.
Sikandar Raza
School of Medicine
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Tina Reuter

Sikandar is a rising fourth-year medical student from Birmingham, AL. He is currently planning to pursue an academic career in surgery that will emphasize global surgical outcomes and healthcare disparities research. His interests in improving health access stem from his upbringing in Pakistan and his work with the underserved population in Birmingham. Sikandar has led student groups at the medical school to provide educational opportunities for students about social determinants of health and racial disparities in both the local community and global setting.
Edgar Soto
School of Medicine; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Jeff Wickliffe

Edgar Soto is an MD/MSPH student at UAB. He is originally from Angao, Michoacan Mexico but grew up in Houston TX. He graduated from Trinity College in 2015 and previously worked as a 7th grade math teacher and a higher education consultant. He is interested in developing tangible policies and programs that improve healthcare outcomes in the Global South.