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We are excited to announce our 2022 cohort of Sparkman Fellows! This group of students was selected from a vast and competitve pool of applicants, and represents four different colleges across campus. We are looking forward to see how their knowledge and experience expands, while working alongside their Scholar Mentor, over the course of the next academic year! 

Alex Brossman
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Matthew Gribble

Alex Brossman is an MPH student in Environmental & Occupational Health. He currently serves as an Environmental Health Practitioner at a local health department. He is interested in water security projects including ground water, surface water, and storm water management. He hopes to continue his work in the regulation of Environmental Health Policy or doing additional global health projects involving water security or toxicology.
Sandra Chrapah
School of Health Professions, Admisnistration, Health Services
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Janet Turan

Sandra Chrapah is currently a doctoral student in the School of Health Professions, Department of Administration, Health Services with a concentration in Health Services Research. Sandra is passionate about the well-being of children and actively works with organizations in Ghana to support the maternal and child health population. She established a children’s foundation,YenMa Foundation, to promote the wellbeing of mothers and children, and hopes to develop partnerships around the world to support and serve the global maternal and child health population. 
Jonathan Diaz
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Meredith Gartin

Jonathan is currently a Senior in the UAB School of Public Health with a Concentration in Global Health Sciences. His experience working at UAB Hospital as a Patient Care Tech in a COVID- 19 unit sparked his interest in pandemic preparedness /disaster relief. He wants to attend graduate school for Physician Associate Studies to help improve the quality of care for minority populations and refugees in the south by understanding their social determinants of health and respective health policy. 
Megan Dore
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Bhekumusa Lukhele

Megan Dore is a graduate student pursuing a MPH in Population health, with a certificate in Global Health. For the past 13 years, after graduating with her BS in Nursing, she has worked as an emergency room nurse in the US, Africa, and Antarctica. Her interest in global health includes working with culturally diverse populations, WASH, and sustainable global development health programs.
Kayla Frey
Heersink School of Medicine; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Sadeep Shrestha

Kayla Frey is a third-year medical student obtaining her Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) dual degrees. Kayla has lived in four countries, is a Fulbright Program alumni, and currently serves as Associate Research Coordinator for the Association of Women Surgeons National Medical Student Committee. She is passionate about research, having completed a T35 grant evaluating noninvasive test ability to predict liver viability for transplant, served as Equal Access Birmingham Clinic Research Officer where she designed a project which evaluated patient accessibility to in person versus telehealth care, and has just completed her CCTS TL1 research year evaluating for health disparities in surgical outcomes of head and neck cancer patients. In the future, Kayla intends to pursue a career in academic surgery with a strong emphasis on global disparities and health equity advocacy.
Emily Gunawan
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Wally Carlo

Emily Gunawan is currently pursuing an MSPH with a concentration in Applied Epidemiology. Her global health experiences include working as a medical doctor in rural villages in Indonesia as well as exploring healthcare systems in several other countries in Asia. She aspires to engage in global health research which focuses on improving neonatal and childhood outcomes while maximizing available resources.
Adrian Harsono
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Alan Tita

Adrian Harsono is a graduate student pursuing MSPH with a concentration in Epidemiology. His interest in global health grew after encountering health disparities through his work as a medical doctor in Indonesia and his experiences in Portugal, Japan, The Philippines, and Singapore. In the future, he hopes to continue his training as an OB/GYN and form multinational collaborations to tackle global health challenges surrounding women’s reproductive health in both clinical practice and research.
Raiful Hasan
College of Arts & Sciences
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Ragib Hasan

Raiful Hasan is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science. His interests lie broadly at the intersection of mobile and wearable computing, human-computer interaction, the Internet of Things, and the smart city, with a focus on pedestrian safety in the smart city, specifically distracted pedestrians' safety, which is an emerging public health challenge. He is currently working to develop a holistic multi-modal safety system for pedestrians using urban sensing.
Sebastian Henostroza
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Amanda Willig

Sebastian Henostroza is an ABM student pursuing a BS in Immunology and a MPH with Epidemiology concentration. In regards to global health, he is particularly interested in studying the impact many communicable diseases have on developing communities, and the efficacy of various preventative measures on reducing their burden. He participated in a Sparkman Global Health Internship summer 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey, looking at stigma as it relates to refugee health outcomes.
Elliott Herron
Heersink School of Medicine
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Nabiha Yusuf

Ellie Herron is a MD candidate at UAB Heersink School of Medicine. She completed her BS in Anthropology with a minor in Biology at Sewanee: The University of the South, where she became enthralled with the ways in which cultural nuances are integrated into body management customs during her hospital internships in Ghana, Greece, and rural Tennessee. Her interests include advocacy for cultural humility practices in the field of healthcare, the effects of globalization on chronic illnesses, infectious disease, and pediatric immunology.
Suhas Kellampalli
College of Arts & Sciences; School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Tina Kempin Reuter

Suhas is an accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s of Public Health Student from Hyderabad, India. Being an individual with a communication disability, he is passionate about reducing health disparities experienced by people with disabilities from low-income and resource-poor backgrounds and advocating for their independence. Suhas has previously interned for the Institute of Human Rights at UAB where he wrote blog articles focused on international disability rights issues, and he has also been involved in the disability community in Birmingham and currently works at Disability Rights and Resources.
Lauren Mullis
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Paul Erwin

Lauren is currently pursuing her MPH in Epidemiology at the UAB School of Public Health. She received her Bachelor's in Biology and Master's in Biomedical Sciences from NC Central University prior to attending UAB. Lauren is interested in infectious diseases and health equity throughout South America as well as refugee and immigrant health throughout the world.
Oludesola Ogunesan
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Wickliffe

Oludesola is a Doctoral Student in the School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Science with a concentration in Environment Epidemiology. Her work experience as a Nurse in Nigeria nurtured her research interest and desire in global health and influenced her focus on environmental exposures to pollutants, especially in developing countries, maternal and child health and neurodevelopmental health outcomes in children due to environmental factors and health disparities (neighbourhood and physical environment). She is interested in learning from scholars, improving her knowledge about other factors (social, political, and economic factors) that influence global health problems, and learning the analytical and practical skills necessary to achieve sustainable development in our environment and world.
Sandra Olisakwe
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Phillip Musa

Sandra Chibuzor Olisakwe is currently an MSPH student with a concentration in Applied Epidemiology and a focus on infectious disease or hospital epidemiology research. Her global health experience ranges from having an undergrad research experiences working with her supervisor on parasitic infectious diseases affecting children living in orphanages across the south-eastern part of Nigeria to working with the World Health Organization for mass drug administrations on schistosomiasis and helminthiasis prevention on the south-western part of Nigeria, Lagos state to be precise which is one of the major cities in Nigeria. She is very much interested in gearing her global health research towards the Neglected Tropical Diseases (Schistosomiasis, Lymphatic Filariasis and Trachoma), and would like to learn as much as she can from the professors here at UAB in order to be able to join and conquer the fight against NTDs in the African Continent. She is open to collaboration from researchers across the world on this feat and dreams of working full time with the WHO as a full time global health epidemiologist. 
Ritti Sangadji
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Coleen Fisher

Ritti is currently an international MPH student from Indonesia concentrating on Health Behavior. Her biggest interest in global health interest is community engagement in order to create better health quality, especially for those with low socioeconomic status and to increase access to healthy resources, such as food and drugs. Within this fellowship, Ritti wants to learn from her mentor about how they engage the population and deliver material, so she can become a better health educator once she returns to her country.
Allison Spensley
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Bolton Moore

Allison Spensley is a doctoral student in the SOPH, Department of Health Policy and Organization.  Her main areas of interest include public health leadership; maternal and child health; health/social services policy, planning, and advocacy; and HIV care, treatment and prevention.  Ms. Spensley has lived and worked in Zambia, Peru, Nicaragua, and Malawi, with work experience in over 18 countries focusing primarily in east and southern Africa over the past 20 years.  Ms. Spensley has worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), UNICEF, Family Health International, Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Ms. Spensley has a Master’s degree of Public Health from UAB and a Master’s degree of Social Work from UA.
Rebecca Stone
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Lily Gutnik

Rebecca is currently a graduate student pursing an MPH with a concentration in population health and a graduate certificate in global health.  She became fascinated with different cultures during a trip to India.  Rebecca aspires to combine her education background, current public health experience, and passion for equity to advance global health initiatives resulting in sustainable impact. Her interests include implementation science, maternal and child health, healthcare innovation, and program planning.
Jane Vines
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor:Dr. Katia Bruxvoort

Jane Vines is currently in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program with a concentration in Population Health and certificate in Global Health. Her main areas of interest include immigrant, asylum seeker, and refugee health including climate change refugees, resource utilization and infrastructure building in low-to middle income countries, and neglected tropical diseases. Upon graduation, she would like to pursue a position with a local or global NGO or the CDC.
Megan Wadsworth
School of Public Health
Scholar Mentor: Dr. Anna Helova

Megan is an MPH Epidemiology student pursuing the Global Health certificate. She is most interested in studying maternal and child health as it pertains to refugee women and children around the world. She has volunteered with World Relief in Memphis, Tennessee, helping refugee and asylum-seeking women access healthcare and navigate the US healthcare system. She is eager to continue this work on a larger, more global scale once she has completed her studies. Her dream is to eventually support this population by working on projects for the UN or the WHO.