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The University of Kelaniya is a partner in the UAB-South Asia ITREOH Program with the Sparkman Center.

Partnership Profile

The University of Kelaniya (UKe) is located in Colombo on the Western coast of Sri Lanka. Since the Fall 2009 semester, UKe has been offering an MPH degree program in collaboration with the UAB-South Asia ITREOH Program.

Examples of trainee-led pilot research projects in Sri Lanka include:

  • Indoor Air Pollution due to Biomass Fuels and Acute Coronary Syndrome among Women in Sri Lanka (ACS study)
  • Health Effects of Exposure to Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution among Children in Selected Home Environments
  • Validation of the Cognitive and Motor Scales of the Bayley III Scales of Infant Neurodevelopment
  • Cultural and Psychosocial Influences on Disability (CUPID) Study