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Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Editor

Cover art: "St. Claire," by Debra Eubanks Riffe

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Natasha Deonarain

Sandy Longhorn

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  • Natasha Deonarain: Pretoria, South Africa, 1945
  • Susan Taylor Chehak: Jane Doe


From the Editor

Francesca Bell

  • The Dentist Says It’s from Some Earlier Damage
  • Dusk, the Day I Drove My Child to the Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Deciduous

Lynne Thompson

  • A Birth Mother Wears a Costume Her Daughter Will Never Fit In
  • sometimes, the light

Amanda Moore

  • Morning Haibun with Tween

Jennifer Habel

  • The Death of Madame Monet
  • The Habit of Saint Thérèse

Erin Adair-Hodges

  • Cleo

Diamond Forde

  • Black Girl Goes on Vacation to Orange Beach

Jess Smith

  • Internalized

Alison Pelegrin

  • Heifer

Leigh Anne Couch

  • Life is a State of Siege, a War to the Last Woman

Lana K. W. Austin

  • Origin Story: Flying Lessons

Jessica Turney

  • Tonic Immobility

Charlotte Pence

  • Alligator Swimming Past

Michelle McMillan-Holifield

  • Salt, as a Love Letter

Natasha Deonarain

  • Pretoria, South Africa, 1945

Abriana Jetté

  • Mama Always Warned They Still Hate The Jews

Catherine Esposito Prescott

  • Postcard: Service (circa 1991-95)
  • 6 AM

Kate Hanson Foster

  • Four for a Boy

Lisa Beech Hartz

  • Untitled (Still Life), Lee Krasner, 1938

Jennifer Martelli

  • Vision Test in the First Grade

Lauren Camp

  • Planet

Sandra Meek

  • Still, with Glacier Mouse and Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots

Angie Macri

  • Iron Is Red When You Put Water on It

Sandy Longhorn

  • When the Light Gives Way to the Gloaming

Katrina Smolinsky

  • Meditation with Caravaggio’s Francis (on Skull)

Ann Fisher-Wirth

  • Postcard of an Anonymous Wooden Carving

Susan Taylor Chehak

  • Jane Doe

Rachel Hall

  • Jilted

Carrie La Seur

  • The Angel of Caracas

Jessie LaFrance Dunbar

  • On the Burial of Pecola Breedlove and Finding Voice through Toni Morrison

Virginia Bell

  • Chicken

Kerry Madden

  • Wild Things
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