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Kerry Madden, Editor

Cover of PMS 15, an orchid illistrated in neon.

Cover art: "The Orchid Electric" by Kimberly Ball
Cover design: Michael Alfano

Special Feature

Jamie McFaden, "An Interview with Emily Rapp Black"

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Hear Ashley M. Jones, Laura Secord, and Lauren Slaughter read their poems on our Listen page.


  • poem
    • Jacqueline Saphra, "Aubade"
    • Tina Barr, "Still Life"
    • Heather Bartlett, "When I Was a Boy"
    • Michelle McMillan-Holifield, "When Morgan Freeman Reads T.S. Eliot"
    • Kateema Lee, "Legacy"
    • Laura Secord, "Taking One for Angela”
    • Ashley Jones, "Birmingham Fire and Rescue Haiku, 1963," "De Soto Leaves a Negro," "How to Make Your Daughters Culturally Aware and Racially Content During Christmastime," "List of Famous Alabama Slaves," and "Corn Silk Barbie"
    • Colleen J. McElroy, "Lessons in Deportment" and "Learning to Love Bessie Smith"
    • Jude Deason, "Great Aunt Mona"
    • Gail White, "Dame Edith Sitwell"
    • Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, "Euphemism,” "The Bathroom," "Waiting for Another Call from My Sister in the Middle of the Night," "Back to Jackson," and “Before The Birth of Venus
    • Samantha Pious translating Renée Vivien
      • “Le Violon” / “The Violin”
      • “Sur la Place Publique” / “Above the Public Place"
    • M. L. Brown, "Running" and "Synonym for Lichen"
    • Kate Daniels, "Reading a Biography of Thomas Jefferson in the Months of My Son’s Recovery"
    • Mary Ruefle, "South on Seven," "Jean," and "The Failure of Poetry,"
  • memoir
    • Melissa Crowe, "Caro Nome"
    • Mollie Hawkins, "On Weddings"
    • Sharanna Polk, "Forever Flint"
    • Zhanna Slor, "What’s Five Feet in Front of You"
    • Amy Bailey, "Woman’s Body Found"
    • Grace Cho, "Crust Girl"
    • Casie Cook, "A Temporary Vessel"
  • story
    • Alina Stefanescu, "Carpool"
    • Emily Rems, "Andy"
    • Judith Teitelman, "Guesthouse for Ganesha"
    • Julie Stewart, "By a Thread"
    • Yellena Urazbaeva, "The Gospel According to the Mother"
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